15 minutes causes carnage

By:  Diane Benjamin

Power was out in downtown Bloomington for about 15 minutes yesterday.  From the news reports carnage ensued as businesses shut down unable to cope.

15 minutes!

As the State of Illinois continues to operate without a budget, worst carnage is happening.

Businesses haven’t been paid which means they can’t pay their employees, some are out of business.

Social service agencies can’t do their work.

Schools may not open next fall without funding.

Need more?  Not really because the message is clear:

Take care of yourself.  Nobody else is going to.

If a 15 minute power outage send people into a tizzy, think what an EMP attack will do.  I’ve heard estimates that 90% of the population will die.  The disruption caused by 15 minutes makes that pretty easy to understand.

By the way, your government has done nothing to protect you from an EMP.  Google it.  It’s not even that expensive, just not a priority.  Replacement parts to fix the electric grid aren’t made here, so it won’t be back on-line anytime soon.  Here’s a reason to move to Texas, they have their own grid.

See this easy to read link:  http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/panel-electrical-grid-vulnerable-terrorist-attack/story?id=8597369

If your plan is to complain, welcome to the 90%.


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  1. All you do is complain

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  2. None of the cashiers could count change back! What a disaster when a machine can’t think for you!


  3. This article is just for information: http://www.futurescience.com/emp/emp-myths.html
    Solar flares and lightning can cause EMP as well as nuclear bombs. The problem is that electric companies and the legislature don’t want to listen to scientists as how to protect the grid.
    What I found interesting is that the power line was damaged by a fiber optics company (of course they don’t report which one.) Call JULIE before you dig–It’s the law!


  4. Area Man says:

    Just wait till Clinton shuts down.


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