By:  Diane Benjamin

I’ve posts lots of stories about the detailed Bloomington budget for this year.  It was all information the Council and the Budget Task Force never saw.  Why?  They weren’t supposed to know details, it makes cuts easier.

It gets better.  Today I received the 2013 detailed budget via the Freedom of Information Act.  This is the budget Tari inherited from Steve Stockton, so finding the increases will be easy.  I’m waiting for Tari to say one more time “We aren’t doing anything different from years ago”.  I’m expecting numerous posts proving him wrong.

Let’s start with Administration.

Current budget – 1 ,197,407.95   Page 41    FY 2017 Budget Detail

2013 Budget:  $40,000 in Revenue, $884,179 in expenses for a total of $844,179  FY 2013-11110d Administration

Tari increased Admin spending (1,197,408 – 844,179)  $353,229

Salaries this year are:  $556,832.00 for 6 Full-time employees  (page 27)

Salaries in 2013 were:  $355,444 for 5 full-time employees  (page 5)

Neither number includes benefits.

It gets even better.  Remember all the plans the City makes?  All the projections?

2013 included an Admin Budget projection through 2017.  The TOTAL ADMIN BUDGET was projected to be $906,122.

Tari spent $291,286 more than projected.

Tari has spent tens of thousands of dollars (if not hundreds of thousands) on Master Plans.  Obviously the next Mayor can dump them all.

Tari dumped Stockton’s projections.  The next mayor will most likely dump Tari’s.

Get “Limited Government” yet?  This is YOUR money being thrown out the window just because they can.





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  1. Administrative bloat. The same thing is happening in higher education.


  2. Part, but not all, of the problem with increases in salaries is the annual, automatic 3% cost of living increase. The addition of highly paid administrative positions account for the rest.


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