Sage wants you to pay for UpityTown

By:  Diane Benjamin

I heard Chris Koos and company went to DC A DAY EARLY for the One Voice trip.  Why did they go a day early?  To get grants for themselves?  The rest of the group DIDN’T know, didn’t that destroy the unity purpose!  (ONE VOICE – nope, just a bunch of voices wanting money)

Then I also heard David Hales didn’t tell anybody he was negotiating with Kroger to move from Normal to Bloomington, of course getting tax breaks.  Normal was livid!

So, when everybody is mad:

Let’s share sales taxes!

Normal is losing Kroger, Dicks Sporting Goods, maybe more.  UpityTown isn’t generating a lot of money.  I reported this in May:

Uptown was started in 2003.  TOTAL TIF Income to date shows:  $7,192,512.  All the building and improvements have only generated $7 million since 2003.

The 2015 TIF report also shows a deficit of ($56,565,724)

On the agenda for Monday at the Work Session:

Look who wants Bloomington taxpayers to subsidize them:

sageOf course Schmidt, Painter, Mwilambwe, and Black signed on.  None believes in free market capitalism where if you fail it’s your responsibility.  Normal needs a bailout and Bloomington taxpayers are going to provide it.

Tell your alderman thanks.  There’s the 5 votes to pass it.

Renner can always raise your taxes again, he has the votes.





  1. Kroger isn’t the only thing Normal is livid about. Remember the soccer complex? They are still upset that Bloomington didn’t support it with the 1% sales tax increase. If Renner and Hales had been transparent about the negotiations with Kroger there would not be such animosity. Sharing sales tax will NOT eleviate lack of trust or competition. Competition is a good thing.


    • Not under Marxism, Communism, and Socialism.


    • Livid? I would bet that any such reaction is a show and a part of the plan. I don’t trust anything at all that Koos or Renner and their ilk is involved in. The crony factor that exists throughout the socialist, Marxist, Communist, ideology is what guides these fools. Someone once said that, “The only thing wrong with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples’ money.”


  2. Sounds like Normal has run out of other people’s money. Not sure why Bloomington feels the need to bail them out. Maybe guilt for stealing the businesses?

    On another note, did the One Voice trip violate the open meetings act? Did they post an agenda/meeting minutes and all the other necessary items?


  3. I agree with you MUDD1 Trusting Koos OR Tari is like Hitler telling that he WON’T invade them. And IF these clowns on the council decide to SHARE tax money with UPTOWN, I’m shopping elsewhere. That means a LOT of local business wil lose MY $$ and probably others. The dollar speaks for it self! IN GOD WE TRUST, in Tari we have tyranny! In Koos we have Kommunism!


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