Why BlnNews?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The ONLY reason I started BlnNews.com is to provide information.

I saw first-hand how local media fails to report, investigate, and inform citizens.  They pick what to report based on what makes them popular with government.  Truth matters and citizens deserve it.

Too many people don’t vote because they don’t know what is going on in their town.  Building the Coliseum was the last time citizens stood up for themselves, government ignored them anyway.

Given the lack of information and even glowing support for government by the media, it’s not surprising local elections are won by people who don’t represent citizens.  Add the Chamber of Commerce running ads for big spending candidates, citizens are lost in the process.  (Why do businesses pay for their own destruction by being a paid member?)

That brings me to a comment a received by email last week.  Lots of people thank me for what I write, but this one says exactly what I wanted to happen when I started writing:

commentI withheld the name by request.

I hope others think the same.

I only investigate and write because nobody else does.  It’s up to you to share this site, not nearly enough people are seeing the stories yet.







  1. Joyce Bickhaus says:

    I look forward each day to what you have to say at least you tell it like it is. Thank you so much


  2. Serious investigative reporting takes a lot of time and effort. What is the news from this site worth to its readers? The Pantagraph charges $17.00/month for on-line access with Thursday and Sunday delivery. The reporters and editors are paid for their work–not so for BlnNews. Keep that in mind while reading future articles.


  3. Area Man says:

    I moved out of Illinois 18 months ago and couldn’t be happier.
    My Bloomington friends all complain about their taxes and the corrupt and inept government in Illinois, but when asked who they voted for in local and state elections, they can’t even remember! (which tells me they didn’t bother to vote)
    As a result, you get the government you deserve.
    The job you do is admirable, it’s what newspapers and media are supposed to do….hold the feet of the scallywags to the fire! Uncover corrution, help throw the bums out!


    • “As a result, you get the government you deserve.” Nope, sorry. Cast a vote or not, no one deserves such betrayal. * * * Congrats however in finding your way out of ILL.


  4. For those who were not able to attend the presentation this evening at the Launch Pad https://blnnews.com/2016/07/05/freedom-facts/#comments, here is a YouTube video:


  5. DEBRA JEAKINS says:

    I read this because I want HONEST reporting not the spin the rag gives. I tell all my friends about your site so they can get honest news as well! Honesty and gov oversight is so rare these days in the media. Its refreshing to see the truth!


  6. I agree with the other posters that Diane does provide a valuable and essential service to each and every citizens of the twin cities. We can only hope that more people for whatever reason finally wake the hell up and realize that they are nothing but lemmings to elected officials in all levels of government. Thanks to Diane and her efforts if a person is not going to the polls informed, they either wish too remain ignorant or satisfied with current leadership. A big thanks to Diane and it is up to every reader of her work to inform our fellow citizens to an alternative source of news other than JBC and the Slantagraph.


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