How much did the last Parks Plan Cost?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Update to this story:

The new City of Bloomington website does not include packets from prior years.  The packets are what contain all those pesky details that the City now evidently wants to hide.  I can show you what was paid to the company that did the last update to the Parks and Rec Master Plan, but I can’t say for sure all of these payments were just for the update.  (What else would they be for?)

The Plan was presented in January of 2010, so I looked for payments in 2010 and 2009 to 3D Design Studio:

3d4 3d3 3d2 3d1$9,200+ paid more than 7 years ago.

Master Plans are redistribution of wealth – yours.

Now the city wants another update!

The suggestions made years ago about what the City needs ARE NOT LOCAL suggestions.  Why are people who don’t live here hired to tell us what we need?  Even if they survey some residents, without the cost included – does anybody think citizens won’t say those things sound great?

Let that soak in!


2 thoughts on “How much did the last Parks Plan Cost?

  1. UPDATE! Parks are FINE. They are MADE to be OPEN spaces, not filled with swings, dog ponds, zoos, asphalt and FLAMINGOS!
    IF you want all that go to Disneyworld!

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