TONIGHT! NIOT creates their own truth

By:  Diane Benjamin

Mike Matejka is hosting a Not In Our Town event tonight inside the BCPA.  From the Facebook page:

niotWho is talking about registering anybody Mike?

This event is really an attack on President Trump’s Executive Order that TEMPORARILY bans travel from 7 countries until he is sure no terrorists are entering the country.

Does Not In Our Town know the 1st Amendment does not apply to the rest of the world?

Non-citizens do not have a RIGHT to enter this country legally or illegally.  Nothing in the Constitution requires our Sovereign Nation to open our borders for all.  Immigration has been controlled since the country began!

I was notified that a group of citizens will peaceably protest this event.

They will meet at 5:45 on the sidewalk outside the BCPA with signs.  Their only intent is to stand up against FAKE NEWS being spread by Not In Our Town.  They are asking people to join them – with or without signs.

This is a statement from the organizers:

We firmly believe President Trump is acting within the authority granted in Section 4, Article 4 of the U.S. Constitution, and is working to protect the sovereignty and security of the United States of America through these reform measures.

For President Trump to succeed in securing our nation, we need to dispel the misinformation perpetuated by those who have a total disregard for the laws of our land and the rights of our citizenry. Tonight might be a good opportunity to do just that.






  1. Just what is this clown up to? Fill Bloomington with Syrians? Tax the welfare system even more?



  2. Don’t forget the yard signs from Dimmitts Grove which says in Spanish, English, Arabic (In that order) “No matter where you are from you are welcome here.” Those signs are now propping up all along Grove and Washington Streets. Hmmmm….. I don’t see those signs in the yards of any R’s…. Just sayin’…


  3. retired usa says:

    Every union worker should be curious as to why Matejka would be an advocate for illegal immigrants to compete for jobs with American workers. As a former union employee myself, it’s embarrassing that this hack Matejka still has anything to do with the unions. As what I have seen in the past with Mike Matejka he doesn’t understand plain English and convolutes issues to form opposition. Heads up Mike, it’s not about race or religion, it’s about illegals. It’s about the security of the citizens and legal immigrants of the USA. Where were you Mike? Where was NIOT Mike, when Obama was bombing the countries of which produced the refugees to flee from, in the first place?


  4. I could be wrong, but didn’t OBAMA also put a temporary restriction on these SAME countries when he was president?? Seems like Trump has ALL the commies in a tither.
    As for Mike, he’s out for #1


  5. NormalNews says:

    Doesn’t NIOT receive money from the town of Normal? Is this legal in any sense that my tax dollars are being used for a political protest?


  6. This is a political rally hosted by NIOT on government owned property. The event is free and open to the public. I certainly hope Mike is paying to rent the BCPA or it could be viewed as government sponsored. All elected officials were invited (expected) to attend.


    • I hear they are paying – FIOA needed for how much and a copy of the payment.


      • BCPA Director, Tina, has offered to provide that information to anyone who wants it, no FOIA required. Just call her and she will provide it. Please follow through in doing so, I think its important. She told me when I spoke to her last evening that the NIOT crowd was paying full fare.


    • Kathy Michael says:

      I am an elected officials and didn’t receive an invitation that I am aware of.I only heard of this event when I checked FB tonight and had an invitation to attend from one of my FB followers. Just setting the record straight. Thanks for this information Diane.
      Kathy Michael, McLean County Clerk


      • Maybe try to stay more engaged with the community. This was pulled together Sunday and has been talked about and shared pretty heavily. Though you won’t find a lot of real “community” info here.


      • SG, I am involved with the community but don’t live in the Dimmet’s Grove “community” nor am I FB friends with NIOT “community.” The event must have been heavily shared and talked about mainly within those groups. It is a divisive statement to suggest that an elected official should be more engaged. The NOIT rally was about unity and inclusiveness. At least that is what I heard.


  7. Diane, thanks for reminding us Mike was one of the principals that gave us the coliseum….not in our town didn’t work then….the religious registry is not going to fly either no matter how hard the the demos try to sell it…


  8. FYI- they took up a collection from the audience to pay for the event. The buckets were overflowing. Boo! Guess your little conspiracy theorist heart will have to look somewhere else.


    • There goes that divisive attitude from the NOIT membership. The online post stated the event was free and open to the public. False advertising?? The collection took place because the question about payment was asked of the NIOT board by a concerned and involved citizen.


    • sticky bean says:

      How is any of this a conspiracy when the event actually takes place? Plus that fact that you more or less claimed to have been there. Dip stick.


    • SG, I was at the rally. There was no admission charged at the door. The FB posting advertised “FREE and open to the public.” The buckets were passed at the end of the rally following the announcement by Karen Schmidt that use of the government owned BCPA was not free for this use. There was a concerned citizen who made an inquiry about rental payment prior to the event to ensure it was clear the rally organizers were not illegally being supported and subsidized with tax dollars.

      The tone of your response and comment regarding the senior citizens is disrespectful. NIOT was extolling the First Amendment and condemning discrimination. The protesters outside have a right to express their differing opinion and age discrimination is against the law. As a minister, Dr. King understood and preached the Golden Rule. I wish more people would follow that rule.


  9. Fed Up With Bleeding Hearts says:

    I have lived in Dimmets Grove as a homeowner since 1991, and the “Dimmits Grove Homeowners Association” does not represent me. This is a small voluntary clique of liberal homeowners comprised of a few local politicians, business owners , IWU employees and their friends who under the leadership of Carlos R. of WGLT who is a McLean Co. Board Memeber and close pal of Tari Renner, try to influence local political decisions in Bloomington.


  10. It’s ANYONES FIRST amendment right to free speech. IF they want to get together and share stories that is their business, and as long as OUR tax money don’t pay for it, or they tread on MY rights, they can do what they want! And IF they ALL want to mislead each other in their “FACTS” then they can have their party.
    Myself I was gearing up for Marmota Monax Day!


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