Fly on the Wall: Marriott

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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The parent company of the Marriott in Uptown Normal filed for bankruptcy last June.  See the bankruptcy story HERE

Now the local hotel is failing to honor “commitments” made citing their pending bankruptcy.


Trouble for the Uptown TIF?

Anybody asking?





9 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Marriott

  1. If you ask my opinion both B/N are over saturated with hotels. I’d like to know the average occupancy of the various hotels. Then again it’s a revenue stream for the local city governments so I can understand why they are so pushy about allowing so many. The more upscale higher rate hotels is what they would likely like to have and to push the cheaper hotels to close.

  2. Sharpen your pencil, get a pad and WHILE you watch TV, listen to the radio, etc, write down ALL the hotels/motels that are GONE in this town, Howard Johnsons, Sheraton, Coachman, Motel 6-this should give you a START, and the council some insight-NAW! NEVER HAPPEN.
    We NEED another hotel like an Arab needs a sandbox!

  3. The huffs have $2.2 million that they are bathing in. Maybe they will buy it and let it crumble to the ground like their 3 properties in Bloomington.

      1. isnt that more than the cost of tearing down the eyesore AKA front and center. If they truly are “developers” they would tear that place down, like the stark company on north main, and sell it back to the city. No harm no foul. Them holding out for more city money is just plain WRONG

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