Tari Renner needs to explain:

By:  Diane Benjamin

From today’s rennerformayor Twitter:

riskWhat risk?

I thought local elections were called non-partisan because everybody runs to make Bloomington better!

Obviously Renner thinks something is at risk!   What would that be and who are these amazing residents you talked to Tari?

Does this mean residents who don’t support your agenda aren’t amazing citizens?

Please explain!



  1. There is a risk!! Bloomington is in a recession. More government spending and future tax increases and rebates in the name of economic development will make it worse. In Renner’s own words, Bloomington’s budget will be facing another structural deficit in two years. There is a reason for concern. There is a reason to vote for a fiscal conservative. Yes, there is a reason to choose wisely in the Feb. 28 primary.


  2. He was probably talking to the DBA or the Dimmitt’s Grove HOA. They are at risk of losing their special status.


  3. Cavewoman says:

    There is a risk of Tari creating more homeless in our community by increasing taxes for more quality of life projects! We need a fiscal conservative as mayor!


  4. AKA Dimwit Grove.


  5. mittensthekitten says:

    How LONG do the low wage earners have to subsidize developers?…TOO LONG!!
    How LONG will the developers not be held accountable?,,,TOO LONG!!
    How LONG does the city-at-large have to subsidize the entertainment venues downtown?…TOO LONG!!
    How LONG has the mayor and city council failed to represent their constituents?…TOO LONG!!
    Vote on February 28th.


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