Ward 9 Election: The WORST candidate

By:  Diane Benjamin

Are the residents of Ward 9 happy with the direction the City of Bloomington is taking?

Ward 9 got a lot of roads fixed, but what about the rest of the City?

One candidate has said nothing on her website or Facebook page about the massive spending increases under Tari Renner.  She says nothing about the numerous tax increases unfairly aimed at the people least able to pay them.  She has said nothing about the excessive use of consultants or debt incurred loaning money to the Coliseum management that VenuWorks loaned to the City.  She says nothing other than platitudes!

In other words, she is the establishment candidate who doesn’t understand the needs of the citizens or understand the issues.

The candidate is Kimberly Bray.

Ask her what party she votes for in the primaries.  Pretending to be non-partisan is a joke on taxpayers.  Haven’t the citizens of Bloomington-Normal and Illinois had enough of conservative pretenders?

Ask her about specific issues like the Master Plans, bike lanes, Complete Streets, MILLIONS for the Zoo.  Ask her how much developers should get to complete against existing businesses.  Ask her about subsidies downtown and TIF districts.  Ask her if meetings should be held with “time limits” for discussions.  Ask her who she supports for mayor.  Be prepared for a “deer in the headlights” stare.  If she had a stance on these issues, it would be on her website.

See her website here:  http://kimberlybray.com/#front-page-2

See her Facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/kimberlybrayforward9









  1. Looks like Joni Painter’s twin sister.


  2. There are hidden code words in her bio.


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