Professor Renner doesn’t know the law?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari is a Political Science professor, he should have known that partisan registering of voters is illegal.  Anything to win re-election Tari?  Don’t expect the media to report this however.

See this story from yesterday:

Tari has now removed the video from his Facebook page.  Here’s proof it was there – along with Tari’s thanks:


7 thoughts on “Professor Renner doesn’t know the law?

  1. Isn’t there another candidate who deletes unflattering material from his Facebook page? So, Bayne & Renner have no integrity.

      1. The ethics and integrity of Renner’s campaign has been questionable from the beginning. He pushes the bounties between moral and legal. Something as basic as placing of campaign signs more than 90 days prior to the election.

    1. Birds of a feather,,,and I suspect Ian is there to deflect Lower primary votes. Wouldn’t surprise me for a minute.

  2. OK, here is question for you. Garcia defeats Black on Tues. He wins the election, but I hear cannot serve because of a conviction. Renner is defeated also. So….does Lower get to appoint a council seat?


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