Tari proves again why he isn’t right for Mayor

By:  Diane Benjamin

See the Council agenda for Monday night here:  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=12388

In case he loses the election, Tari is making sure all the Boards and Commissions are stacked with his people.  (He may not realize a few of those aren’t – but I’m not going to tell him which ones)

Everything he has planned for the next 4 years is now on hold until after the election.  He has to make sure voters don’t know his plans, sound familiar?  (Again, no names)

One item on the Consent Agenda is very troubling.  The Consent Agenda is supposed to just float by the Council without debate.  I hope this one doesn’t.

Green Top Grocery wants a Liquor License to sell packaged liquor!

Green Top is one of those economic development items Tari loves to brag about.  Green Top will merely change where people shop, thus they will hurt existing grocery stores and they are using taxpayer money to do it.  They will be getting tax rebates:

Source:  PDF page 351  http://www.cityblm.org/home/showdocument?id=12224

Your City government decided Green Top was worth subsidizing at the expense of every other grocery store in the area.  The City will lose money because the others will have less sales while Green Top gets their taxes rebated.

Monday night it gets worse.  Green Top now wants a Liquor License to sell packaged liquor to drink off premises.  Since Tari declared himself King of Liquor, he was the judge and jury who heard the case and now expects the Council to approve it.

It doesn’t matter that another guy sells packaged liquor .02 miles away and has for 18 years.  Since “the king” was the sole arbitrator he chose Green Top over Franzetti’s.  See this from the Council packet:

Green Top claims they are going to sell locally produced beer and wine, but the liquor license doesn’t say that’s what they have to sell.  The Liquor License isn’t contingent on them only selling locally produced items.  All other places in town that sell comparable items are also at a disadvantage now because their taxes aren’t rebated.

Let’s recap:

Tari is campaigning on this great investment on Constitution Trail that only exists because they get to keep future tax money.

Green Top will steal business from other grocery stores which mean even less taxes for the City.

Now Green Top will be granted a subsidized Liquor License in order to hurt a locally owned 18 years business the owners worked hard to build.

Tari, as the sole Liquor Commission member last February, made the decision all by himself.  No other citizens were able hear the testimony and stand up for Mr. Patel.  Tari’s two new assistants won’t either-they don’t have a vote.

Maybe the State should tell all the Political Science students at IWU they will get paid $50,000 to take the Poly Sci classes anywhere else!

How would it feel to have government put you out of business Tari?

That’s exactly what Tari’s version of economic development does.  His propensity for picking winners and losers must end.  It isn’t fair and certainly not American.  He needs to get kicked out April 4th.






6 thoughts on “Tari proves again why he isn’t right for Mayor

  1. When asked by the Ward 3 alderman to explain the phrase, “winner and loser” the response was, “Would you rather have a ‘winner’ or a ‘loser’ located in Bloomington?” –Austin Grammer, Economic Development Coordinator of COB. (2016) This is the new culture of the City.


    1. Well of course we’d rather have a winner Austin but perhaps in your case you must have confused the term with a liberal “whiner” which is why you’re here. Lol, sometimes I crack myself up with simple observations.


  2. These people have never done anything in their lives that deals with REAL winning and REAL losing. They have no idea what it’s like to put their OWN resources on the line and risk everything. They play with other peoples’ money and suffer no consequences when things go badly. That’s not winning and losing. That’s unaccountable government bureaucracy.


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