Pantagraph accidentally prints the truth

By:  Diane Benjamin

Stories about millennials NOT wanting to live downtown have been circulating on the Internet since 2015.  The PLANNERS were wrong.

Tari can’t be happy.

I wonder if his weekly meetings with the City reporter will be cancelled!

Tari’s theory of downtown being Bloomington’s future just took a blow.  He can build a new Hotel, and new Library, a new City Hall, A new Public Works Facility – all downtown – and downtown will still not be Bloomington’s future.

Here’s the story:

It turns out kids have the same dreams of a yard for kids and dogs and home ownership every other generation had.

If people really wanted to live downtown, Ensenbergers would be sold out by now.  It isn’t.

What else is Tari wrong about?

It would be easier to list what he is right about.

When I think of something, I will update this story.


Bloomington might want to re-think the Metro Zone.  Yesterday I was forced to drive on Wylie Drive which is partially in Bloomington and partially in Normal.

I don’t need to get a horse, Wylie Drive is a concrete road that feels just like riding one.  It is actually worse than GE Road and Hershey north of GE.

If Bloomington makes up with Normal, they would be sharing the cost to fix Wylie Drive!

Why are contractors allowed to create really crappy roads with no consequences?

Maybe it’s those huge empty buses destroying the roads.  Somebody needs to do a study.  (eye-roll)


One more thing:

I drove Oakland from the far east side all the way to Morris Avenue.  East of Main Street I saw LOTS of Kevin Lower signs.  West of Main Renner had some signs.  Don’t people on the west side know the Renner policies and tax increases have hit them the hardest?  They drive cars, but now gas costs more.  They pay for Gas, Water, Telecommunication, Electric, and Municipal Gas – Tari is making them pay more!  The 1% Sales Tax grabbed even more of their money!

Obviously the west side isn’t as prosperous as the east side.  Voting for Renner will guarantee they stay that way.




10 thoughts on “Pantagraph accidentally prints the truth

  1. The only thing the planners are good at planning are planning on suckering libtards into spending more money on planning so they can continue fleecing the taxpayers. If there ever was the ultimate plan then there would be no use for any new plans.


  2. I used to live on the west side-grew up there! Talking politics with folks there is like asking them if they are going to Miller Park for the July fireworks-NAW-I’ll jus sit on the porch an watch em! It’s an apathy thing . SAD but TRUE!
    YEP! I can HEAR them millennials rushing for UPTOWN!


      1. could u maybe put a bug in the ear of one of the people that talk in public comments to read that headline? would be funny to see the look on the mayors face.


  3. The buses are certainly not overloaded passengers, so their effect on the roads would be caused by their empty weight only. But since I don’t know what an empty bus weighs, I think it would be prudent for the city to order a study to see exactly what effect empty buses have on the city streets. I could conduct this study for them! I am thinking 1.5 million would be a fair price for all the work I would need to do… The city seems to love doing studies… I am here to study for them!


  4. Speaking of roads…. Been seeing very few crews filling potholes with hot asphalt lately the only problem is when they fill the hole they don’t tamp it down to keep the fill in the hole. Don’t know why, maybe the tamper had a sick day or maybe they just don’t give a sh!t. No wonder the holes never seem to get fixed. The asphalt getting thrown out with the vehicle traffic and ends up on everybody’s car. I’m sure a lot of you people have seen this problem.


  5. Not so fast there Lawrence! we need to have a CONSULTANT to tell us that we need a study!! I’m happy to offer my “meager” services as “United States Road and Transportation needs Consulting” for a small fee… PLUS expenses.
    I’m thinking MAYBE millennials want HORSES since they want to “get back to the farm”!!
    We COULD study that for you also-additional fee of course.. PLUS we’ll WEIGHT a bus for you for FREE!


  6. I was wondering if they considered the effect of the larger garbage trucks on the residential streets when.they upgraded the trucks. They sure seem to be resurfacing slot of residential streets lately.


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