More on the “Missing” Minutes

By:  Diane Benjamin

First:  A question:

How can Tari campaign on increasing diversity on the Boards and Commissions when for the 2nd meeting in a row he is re-appointing the same people?

Monday night the current Bloomington City Council is being asked to approved ancient minutes from when most of them were not members of the Council.  It’s not difficult to understand why the minutes were never written and approved – they cover topics from leaving MetCom, to the never used #5 Fire Station, to building the Coliseum, and the Cultural District.

The current Mayor and Clerk have their names on the documents, I wonder if this will be pulled from the consent agenda so Tari can claim how transparent he is?  I wonder why the minutes to his censure meeting were never approved by the Council or posted on the internet?  That blows his transparency claims!  Many of the old minutes state they are incomplete because the original documentation was illegible.  Why would this Council want to approve them?  Karen Schmidt and Jim Fruin are listed on many of the minutes.  Maybe they should be the only votes to approve.

I did find this discussion pertaining to how great downtown would be when the Cultural District was complete:  (See pages 60 and 61)

This discussion proves statements of future success can’t be believed.  Are they still waiting for the ripple?  Downtown needs a hotel – then that ripple will happen.  (Sure)

September 2, 2003:

Coliseum discussions:

October 9, 2002:

Tax increases!

Fun one from the same meeting:  Karen Schmidt has wanted to inspect rental properties since at least 2002.  Obviously inspections don’t need to be done if this program hasn’t been fully functional since 2002, maybe renters can handle their own problems!


Ask Karen if the program pays for itself!

Coming up next – Tari Renner addresses the Council January 2, 2002.






  1. mittenpaws says:

    History is fascinating.


    • We need a book for council members to study about the past councils errors. Every council thinks they are brilliant and they all clean up the mess left by previous councils and then create more messes for the next


      • mittenpaws says:

        It’s not so much about errors as it is about lack of review after each mayoral election so the Council can adjust before running off a cliff.


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