Tari Renner: 2002

By:  Diane Benjamin

See PDF page 85 and following:  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=12448

These minutes have been missing January 2, 2002 when Tari Renner presented his polling results on the Arena to the City Council.


Here is who was on the Council at the time:

See more Coliseum discussion minutes PDF page 93  August 20, 2001.

Obviously the Councils years ago didn’t listen to citizens any more than the current one does.

Many of the meetings with missing minutes took place when Judy Markowitz was mayor.  Tari Renner and David Hales are doing the same thing however.  When minutes are missing, Bruce Meeks files a FOIA request for them.  Since the Council has to approve the minutes before the release, they are usually on the next agenda.

That doesn’t explain how the censure minutes got released since I can’t find anybody who remembers seeing them on an agenda.




  1. Too Much Yak Yak Out of Mayor Rennermaniac says:

    I object to Renners racist remark!!! Elephants are gray! Is being called a white elephant an insult ? Indeed it is!! That man is calling Caucasians elephants! What if I called blacks pigs? Look at all the grief they put Lower through for a non racist statement. Several nations in Africa have great economic growth. Nigeria and Kenya have jobs and their people are highly educated. They still need more employees over there. Mayor,vI want an an apology for your racist statement. WJBC and you other media people don’t ignore this , be fair in your your duties to the public!!


    • buddha jones says:

      yall racist. i think yall sit around in wizard robes playing risk the race wars


      • Too Much Yak Yak Out of Mayor Rennermaniac says:

        Doughboy, what or who is y’all? Where you raised in a barn or are trying to act black? Maybe you think you were raised down in Conroe, Texas. Nothing’s sadder than a thirty something creep with the IQ of a gnat, trying to act hip. You’re an idtiot. No ones trying to instigate race wars, and if you claim Lowers a racist then the same charge applies equally to Renner. You can not dismiss Renners words and still hold Lower accountable for his because in reality one should know that that both statements are not racist unless you want to use of them for your own hidden agenda.


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