Guest Writer:

“I’m mad as hell and I’m NOT going to take it anymore!”  This is a quote from the movie, Newsroom.  When did the use of the word NO become unacceptable in civilized society?

The norms of our society include NO lying, stealing or cheating.  NO infringement on the rights of others.  Police D.A.R.E. officers tell middle school students, “Just say NO to Drugs.”  NO bullying—NOT In Our Town. Political activists are professing NO means NO. Saying the word NO takes courage and is often used by someone with integrity, noble character traits.

As soon as a child becomes mobile, the word NO becomes one of the primary words used by parents out of concern for their child’s wellbeing. Teaching children discipline and self-control at an early age is a good reason to use the word NO. Around two years of age, the tables are turned as the child begins to exhibit autonomy with their use of the word NO.  It is the responsibility of the parent to set limits and boundaries by using the word NO (making sure your NO means NO) throughout the life of their child to ensure it becomes a member of society who is discerning, who is respectful of others.

What happens when NO boundaries or NO limits are set? What happens when a person is indulged with whatever they want?  NOT enforcing limits results in someone developing a sense of entitlement. This results in NO respect for someone else.  Other’s freedoms are then infringed upon.

There is a real need in this community for the leaders to exhibit some autonomy of judgment—abide by the law and vote their conscience.   They need to be respectful of other’s financial circumstances or plight.  Just say NO to excess.  There needs to be integrity so limits are set to ensure fairness for the private sector.  Saying NO to real estate purchases is saying YES to sewer and street repair and maintenance.  Saying NO to tax increases is actually saying YES to Economic Development.  Unfortunately, the Bloomington Mayor, Council and citizenry support entitlement and lack of discipline.





  1. Cavewoman says:

    This citizen doesn’t!


  2. The mayor and council in Bloomington do not believe in telling them selves no to excessive spending and bloat. The law applies to the citizen/taxpayer but not to the mayor or city council ie: Tari’s campaign signs still on the public right of way weeks after the election.


  3. The name of the movie is “Network” from the 70s. Oops. I’m showing my age.


  4. Hugh Evans says:

    Yep. Everyone is a winner. Unless government, free loaders, Republican and or Democrats are involved. Then the taxpayers are told to bend over and grapes their ankles


  5. says:

    Actually the movie was Network (1976).


  6. No SHOULD mean NO! and done with an air of authority. I know a particular person who hardly EVER says NO, but when they do-lookout, as that means “hell coming to breakfast” And that’s they way it SHOULD be used, and not as some common language phrase as has become in todays language.
    By the way– GREAT guest editorial!



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