Normal, Fritzen, and 2%

By:  Diane Benjamin

The government gods in Normal are upset a lowly citizen challenged them.  LONG time (too long) Council member Jeff Fritzen doesn’t want people looking at the facts, he wants to explain them himself.  I heard a news report saying Fritzen thinks trust in government has been broken without cause.

That what every dictator claims Jeff.  Don’t worry, everything is fine, we’ve got it.  I bet Detroit was saying the same thing before they declared bankruptcy.

Normal is hoping you don’t know that Uptown doesn’t pay for itself.  The TIF income barely covers the kickbacks to developers.  There is nothing in Uptown that generates income that can only come from businesses in Uptown.  Restaurants and hotels don’t have to be patronized, that revenue can disappear.  ISU is expecting lower enrollment next year, the kids have finally figured out making money doesn’t require massive debt and a four-year degree.  That trend will continue.

Fritzen needs to explain why Uptown was thrust on the citizens with higher taxes and fees:

From the Normal website – I don’t know if these numbers have been updated after the latest increases:

10,000 gallons of water costs $73.20

10 years ago that same 10,000 gallons cost $38.50

Sewer for 10,000 gallons cost $17.30

10 years ago it was $10.80

The numbers for past history were copied for Normal’s website in this story:

That information has been removed – most likely Normal doesn’t want you to remember the “good old days” when services from the town were affordable.

Has your income almost doubled the last 10 years?

Faith in government is always misplaced.  The elected must be watched and changed frequently.  Fritzen is only one of the clueless council members.

Life was so much simpler for the Town of Normal when the citizens felt they had no voice.  Marc Tiritilli gave them a voice.  All he needed was 12 more voters and Normal’s pyramid debt on the backs of citizens would have ended.  (It still might with a recount)

The “costs rise 2% a year” line is getting old in both Bloomington and Normal.  We don’t care what your costs are, if you chose to give 2% raises to employees it doesn’t give you the right to raise taxes 2% to cover it.   Stealing more from citizens is dead wrong and the reason why people are fleeing Illinois.

I hope more citizens speak up.  I hope the Council is scared to death of citizens who read the financial statements.  I hope the heat sitting on their Council perches gets too hot and they quit.

Until they realize that taxes are theft, keep increasing the temperature citizens.  Your wallet needs your voice.

Want to restore a little trust Jeff?

Dump the underpass idea and concrete the area so people can drop train riders off at the door.  The current system of driving to the second floor of parking garage is just proof the Council planned to inflict pain on citizens.  The underpass is just more of the same.


Health update:

My husband is not improving, so writing will continue to be occasional.  I had to write this quickly – please excuse any typos.


14 thoughts on “Normal, Fritzen, and 2%

  1. Thank you for the update, sorry to hear about your husband. Perhaps time will bring some improvement. Just write when you can. Take care of yourself!


  2. I have to question the legality of what Fritzen did yesterday. If this wasn’t a campaign rally on public property I don’t know what else to call it.


      1. He should. He’s part of the reason for all of the debt and tax increases over the past decade and a half.


  3. The curtain has been drawn back in the Land of Oz and the Wizard has been exposed. Which character was responsible for opening the curtain? Hmmm!!


      1. They said that last year, too. Ended up with the biggest freshmen class in 25 years. ISU’s in a good position, even though, sadly, the state isn’t funding highered.


  4. How many people realize that in order to continue to expand east, Bloomington and Normal need access to more water. These towns currently buy water from the city of Peoria, originally sourced from the Illinois River. Peoria charges whatever it wants, and Bloomington/Normal can do nothing about it.


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