Not so GREEN

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you still think turbines are green technology that will save the world – GROW UP.

The BLACK is oil.  It takes a LOT of oil to make pretend green.  When not maintained, oil is thrown all over the ground beneath them.


I could post many stories about wind – start with these:


Damages & Costs for families forced to abandoned their homes

4 thoughts on “Not so GREEN

  1. I’ve always thought they have no intention of maintaining them. Then, when they’re completely non-functional, it will be the responsibility of the farmer to figure out how to take them down. Once the wind companies get their federal subsidies, what incentive do they have? What a scam.

  2. I guarantee that if on of these wind farm companys offered you 50 grand per year to install one on your property, you would accept. Tell me you wouldn’t, you can’t.

  3. I’m thinking ole Hank and Tommy must have had this same thing to face to accomplish what they did. Maybe your too young to remember above ground telephone poles with a dozen or more lines on some of them too. Or what happen to them during blizzards and ice storms. I haven’t even mentioned “Party Lines”. Progress, kicking and screaming its way to success.

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