Tari covets Uptown

By:  Diane Benjamin

Want proof council meetings are really immaterial because decisions are all made in advance?

Tari formed a Downtown Study Committee before getting Council approval!  That approval is on the agenda for Monday night’s meeting:  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=12806

Getting approval must have been an afterthought since this item was added as an addendum.  Of course there is no chance the Council won’t approve it.

According to the document attached, the City hired Doug Farr to do a downtown redevelopment plan in 2008-2009.  Farr is the same guy who did Uptown.  The plan is very close to Normal’s – lots of housing over commercial businesses on the main floor.

Here’s a few items included:

Will the City force the owners of the Front and Center building to tear it down?

Crime downtown?  Glad they are admitting it!

  • Mixed use is Uptown, maybe the committee can see why the condos at Ensenbergers aren’t selling before encouraging more housing. 
  • The second item reminds me of communist China where workers live and work in the same building.  
  • Employer based incentives for home ownership?  Really? 
  • Hope Green Top doesn’t mind the competition.

Looks like the rumors are true about the City wanting VenuWorks to manage the BCPA.  Private is always better, unfortunately the City just wants to do other development around it.

The plan could be more expensive that Uptown.

Nothing is standing in Tari’s way now.  The plan is already done, Tari’s committee will be looking at how to implement it.




6 thoughts on “Tari covets Uptown

  1. Election is over. Screw the streets until next election. Bloomington downtown hotel is once again a priority need.


    1. Hyatt, the Task Force is to evaluate the conditions and cost of repair of the streets and sewers downtown. Between the restoration of the brick streets and the infrastructure in and around downtown, Renner will claim to have kept his promise of street repair. Bonds will probably be issued for the work. Screw the rest of the repairs needed in other parts of the city.


  2. The Comprhensive Plan is a road map not a mandate. There is entire chapter relating to roads and sewers. Is there. Committee being formed to implement that chapter? The Downtown Task Force does not include anyone east of Veterans except the freshman from Ward 9. If the downtown business owners want to attract customers, those from outside of the downtown area should be included on the Task Force.
    Keep in mind, Renner raised taxes within a few months after his election in 2013.


    1. If the downtown business owners want to attract customers they’ll first need better business plans than they currently utilize. Handouts to business owners is not the solution and will be proven time and again to be a waste of taxpayer funds.


  3. HOW do we get to that FANCY downtown hotel with a ball joint???
    In ALL my life here I have NEVER seen such a SELF CENTERED “we need it for you” council.. NO! I don’t need it, and neither do YOU .. Just GIVE me back my town and go destroy someplace else!! BEGONE!!! ye fowl heathen philistines!!


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