Hubby update +

I’m not sure anybody thought Andy would survive 3 weeks ago.  He not only survived, he is making great progress.

Today he got transferred from St. Francis to BroMenn for rehab.  He went from being unconscious for many days to trying to do more than he is capable of doing.  He has decided to play jokes on anybody he can.  It will take time to regain his strength, but he could be one of the few who makes a complete recovery.  Keep praying, it has obviously worked.

He should be in rehab for 2-3 weeks and then home doing out-patient therapy.  It is truly a miracle that he is back.

In other notes:

    • I was in north Normal around 1:00pm.  An empty bus labeled Heartland was turning on Raab Road.  I thought people have commented here that those buses are full!
    • The Heartland turbine is not operating today, neither is the field to the north, east, and south of me.  Must be too windy for wind energy.
    • Obamacare isn’t capable of surviving because it was designed to fail.  People weren’t dying in the streets before the Democrats shoved it down our throats, don’t believe the reports of millions dying because of the GOP bill.  A full repeal was never on the GOP’s agenda, so they need defeated for not doing what they campaigned on doing.





  1. WONDERFUL news about your hubby!!! That has to be a big relief. And to think he’ll be going home soon.


  2. mittenpaws says:

    Happy for you


  3. Judy Ekstam says:

    Prayers being sent your way for a fast recovery.


  4. Cavewoman says:

    Great news about,Andy!


  5. Country Bumpkin says:

    Thanks for the update on Andy, that is great news.

    Now if the republicans only had that kind of fortitude instead of the spineless bunch they are.


  6. He now has a pre-existing condition. You voted for Trump, I hope you are happy,


    • Since the insurance is through his employer, it doesn’t matter.


      • reginalibrarian3 says:

        Yes, it does Diane. The new Republican healthcare bill will eliminates the law prohibiting health care insurance providers from discriminating pre-existing conditions to all people no matter how they get their insurance. Those with pre-existing conditions will be forced in to high risk pools with funds mandated by the state funds. Republicans funded this at a measly 8 billion dollar for all Americans with pre-existing conditions. This one the many reasons why the Republican healthcare bill is an abomination and a boon to the very rich who will get a tax cuts.


      • Facts matter, quit getting them from fake news. Employers cover all their employees as a pool. Nobody comes in and picks what employees get coverage!


    • reginalibraian3–I’m not happy that the pre-existing provision has been removed. Having said that, Congress makes the laws, not the President. If someone already has health insurance coverage and develops a condition, it is not-pre-existing.


      • She also doesn’t know insurance can still be purchased, it just might not cover that one condition for a year. She probably also doesn’t know Illinois had a pool for uninsurable people before Obamacare


  7. Glad he’s improving and doing well.


  8. reginalibrarian3 is not only massively insensitive, she is also monumentally ignorant. Typical Liberal/Leftist, hope her brain “blows out” overnight.


  9. Jim Defenbaugh says:

    Happy for the good report on your husband – you both have been in many prayers.


  10. reginalibrarian3 says:

    I’m getting my facts from “fake news”? Really Diane, you’re apparently getting your news from smoke and mirrors. The new Healthcare bill passed by Republicans does away with many of the consumer reforms under ACA. These included not discriminating against pre-existing conditions, placing caps or limiting yearly or lifetime coverage expenses for essential health benefits. The biggest losers with this new legislation will be people with pre-existing conditions, like your husband. If you think that these protections are/were only for those getting health care on ACA markets, you are seriously misinformed. Your husband’s health insurance company is only interested in the bottom line, and can and will easily drop you, limit your and your husband’s yearly benefits if it see fit to do so. If you think that Trump or any Republican who you voted for has you interest at heart, you’re a fool.


    • You are a fool for believing it’s law and will pass without changes. You are also a fool to believe Obamacare was ever meant to survive.


    • Maggie says:

      ” can and will easily drop you”, The biggest Left-wing lie about health insurance, repeated endlessly. Unless you fail to pay the premium or lied on the application, YOU CANNOT BE “DROPPED” FROM HEALTH INSURANCE. Never could. Basic Insurance 101. Obama lied about this endlessly, and was never called on it. Regina is either stupid, misinformed, or deliberately lying. Being a Leftist, I vote for all 3.


  11. Townie says:

    Keep the faith!


  12. Sharon Blake says:

    Glad to hear your husband is doing a lot better.


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