Tari’s latest attack

By:  Diane Benjamin

I wonder when Renner is going to take his comedy show on the road!

Source:  http://www.pantagraph.com/business/local/expert-communication-diversity-key-for-economic-development/article_145290bf-c5c5-50cd-9536-8b1b4c6e34bc.html

Renner’s comments don’t deserve any respect.

We know transparency is much less since Tari became mayor.

We know anyone who challenges his beliefs are his enemy.  (“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”)

It’s not surprising bipartisanship had declined in our community.  Discussions aren’t possible when Tari doesn’t care what the other side thinks.  I believe he mentioned in his victory speech he won therefore people liked his direction.  Those thousands who voted against him are immaterial!

Bike Blono isn’t even a significant minority.  Why are they a priority?

I appreciate Tari towing the progressive line about global warming (he forgot the name got changed to climate change).  How many millions does he want to fight it?

That’s obviously more important than the roads!




3 thoughts on “Tari’s latest attack

  1. Renner’s comments are divisive not inclusive. They certainly are not appropriate for a supposedly well educated elected official. Oh, but he possesses a very low E-IQ. Calling people lunatic, fringe, conspiracy theorists, naysayers simply because they disagree is a put down intended to shut down discussion. When he is presented with facts, he defects and manipulates to his purpose.

    Additionally, Renner and Koos are missing the point about diversification. BN Advantage wants to diversify businesses not just employees. Look at the major employers. Insurance, government, education and health care. The City, County and schools are supported with tax dollars. Bloomington’s major revenue source is sales tax from all those low wage paying retail businesses and restaurants. The mean household income–usually two incomes–may be $60,000 but 40% of households earn $40,000 or less. About 50% of students at District 87 use the free/reduced breakfast/lunch program because their parents can’t afford to feed them. There is a very large income gap which needs to be closed before the economic outlook in BN will improve. Of course, a statement like this would be labeled as from a naysayer.

    How transparent is it when a Council Work Session for the presentation and discussion of the Library expansion is scheduled at 5PM in the Osborn Room at the Police Station? Why would the Mayor schedule a meeting about a $25M taxpayer funded project in a small room with no ability to video tape it? Of course the meeting is open but many people have to work until 5PM or later. The newspaper will not report all of the details. The minutes of the meetings do not record all of the details either. Work Sessions are the only time taxpayers can hear what the Council members and Mayor are thinking regarding a subject prior to voting. This meeting should absolutely be held in the Council Chambers.

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