Normal: Last night’s 4 minutes

Update:  FOIA filed.  Locust has to do with an ISU land swap from 2015.

By:  Diane Benjamin

The video of last night’s Normal Town Council says it’s 10:23 minutes.  The meeting doesn’t start until 6:48, so the actually meeting was less than 4 minutes.

See the video here:

Start the video around 6 minutes – you can hear the story of somebody falling off a horse.  (Mark Peterson?)

Nobody asked about buying 404 W. Locust:

Somebody should have checked the appraised value of that property:

101,157 x 3.33 = $336,853

Normal paid almost $900,000 for a property only paying taxes on $336,853!

No documentation was included in the packet.

Was the property severely under-assessed or did the Town redistribute tax dollars?

If properties are under-assessed, it means everybody else in Normal has to pay more on their property.

It’s not the first time Normal has paid far more than assessed value and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

I think a FOIA needs to be filed.






3 thoughts on “Normal: Last night’s 4 minutes

  1. too bad the pantagraph didn’t have room for d day, but had room for the homo agenda on the front page.

  2. Hey, four minutes may even be to long. When all decisions are made at lunch and dinners (paid for by taxpayers) why bother with open meeting!

  3. Funny, how the “liberals” forget WHO died so they could have “freedom of speech” but when you call on them, they are conscious objectors!! Dad always said they had “strange” guys in the war, but as long as they fought beside you, and stood their ground, NOBODY gave a crap, as he put it “What they gonna do”? You have people trying to kill YOU 24/7, so it don’t get MUCH worse then that” Send them back or some crap? To ALL who have served. THANK YOU!! And for those FEW remaining WWII vets, KEEP EM FLYING!!
    Wonder IF Tari teaches ANYTHING about this in his “agenda” classes??
    A “GOOD” day is one where no one is shooting at you from what veterans have told me!!
    The LAST of the “Greatest generation” is slipping away without record…
    And UPTOWN can’t even have a MOMENT of silence before their meeting for them-truly UNAMERICAN, don’t you think??
    Have a good dinner city folks!

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