Normal’s Fleecing continues

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Town of Normal spend $1.4 million to STUDY the proposed Uptown Crossing: Source

What did they get for $1.4 million?  Evident what they want to pass Monday night:

The plan doesn’t know if ADA compliance can be achieved?  Bike Blono has to dismount?  The at-grade crossing is adjacent?  Why is the underpass needed at all?

$1.4 million for an incomplete plan with NO COSTS!

Chris Koos and the Town Council think the residents of Normal have STUPID stamped on the foreheads.

Do you?

In case you think the answer is NO – here’s some spending that will be approved:

I bet the citizens weren’t invite to all those parties!

Feel stupid now?  If you tolerate theft of your money you should.





5 thoughts on “Normal’s Fleecing continues

  1. There seems to be a lot eating out paid by tax payers going on and all that money that went to Harlen Vance Company… it that for t-shirts? They are an embroidery shop. Are they using gold for the embroidery? That is a lot of money!


  2. Perhaps they should have spent that money figuring out of the way to keep the streets from flooding. As I was driving last night several areas of Uptown were under water and impassable. Water was all the way up to the doors at Watterson Tower at fell and Beaufort


  3. A debt ridden Illinois now in junk bond status is the perfect example of what happens when your state is run by fiscally irresponsible dunces for decades. Koos and Renner, the perfect minion followers whose legacy will be that of fiscally irresponsible dunces.


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