By:  Diane Benjamin

How many people urging the Council to approve a Citizens Advisory Board to police the police think:

Hands Up Don’t Shoot

really happened?

How many people on the Council think it did?

I saw this comment on Facebook today from a local lady – she made it to a story about Michael Brown’s parents maybe getting millions:

Michael Brown wasn’t wrongfully killed, but why go with facts she has probably never heard?

His parent sued because they have been deprived of future financial support from their son, not because his shooting wasn’t justified.  A judge and jury didn’t decide  to award them money, an insurance company did.

If the Fake News Media and politicians with agendas had told me over and over and over that a guy was wrongfully killed by the police – and the cop got away with it – I’d want a Citizens Review Board too.

I’m sure the local media won’t be asking any questions though.

Educating the public isn’t on the agenda, perpetuating myths is.

Applicants need to be screened to see if they are brainwashed or able to think rationally for themselves.  If not, this Board will do nothing to repair relations.  It will only empower those who ingrained the media lies.

Tari Renner never does anything that isn’t political.  He tried to rush a vote for next Monday and failed.  This is payback to campaign supporters while he appoints people he controls so as not to upset the police union.  It will end up another abandoned feel good vote.

Link to this story:

Fake News is the problem, local media proliferates it.


3 thoughts on “Question:

  1. The article also says the parents accepted the money because their case was weakening. What does that tell you? I have become convinced that most people don’t read past the first paragraph of an article or document before they have made a decision. Reading comprehension and an open mind are required to come to a reasonable conclusion. I’m not convinced the “relationship” board is seeking to build relationships.


  2. Truth doesn’t matter to the local left wing organizers. Only winning at all costs. The sad thing two mayors and numerous alderman are in bed with them.


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