UPDATE: Bloomington’s Finest

The writer of this comment continues to make comments – all too vulgar to post except the one where he claims the mayor pays him to harass his opponents on line.  It’s a good thing mental illness is becoming a priority, I know a guy who should be locked up.


By:  Diane Benjamin

In response to this story from yesterday:  https://blnnews.com/2017/06/20/question/

I received this comment:

The name used isn’t real, it’s an expletive I’m not going to show on this site.  I do know who the person is, he is a supporter of the Citizens Advisory Board.

Does Black Lives Matter, Not In Our Town, the ACLU, and all the other organizations supporting citizens policing the police feel the same way?

How is Tari planning to keep a guy like this one off his Board?  Is a guy like this okay with the Council to put on the Board?

Is the Council going to hand power to people like this?  This guy is completely serious.

Expect the police officers “Quality of Life” to keep dropping.





10 thoughts on “UPDATE: Bloomington’s Finest

    1. Alderman Black’s verbiage suggested changes were to remove the word “citizen” with “something” in order to make the ordinance more inclusive–like “people from out of town.” Come to your own conclusion or ask him.


  1. The cops are really getting a great payback for supporting Renner during this last election. Nothing good is going to come out of this Citizens Review Board. Having untrained citizens judging polce actions, procedures, and enforcement of the law makes about as much sense as having a Citizens Revew Board oversee the office of the City Manager. The BPD is a professional organization and adequate controls are already in place. Of course, due to the nature of their job, there will always be accusations of police misconduct because that goes hand in hand when one party is charged with enforcing the the law, and the party, more often than not, is violating the law and trying to deflect accountability. Indeed, there will be times when an officer may step over the line, and that situation should be dealt with swiftly and with severe consequences.

    The vocal minoity should not be allowed to dictate to this city what will or will not be done Black Lives Matter was born out of a false narrative event in Missouri; a big fat lie, it’s nothing more than a domestic terrorist group. Why our Mayor and City Council panders to them is ludicrous! To add insult to injury, they want to consider convicted felons to sit on this oversite Board. If a felon wants their rights restored, they petition the Governor to obtain the proper restoration of their rights. Otherwise, they should accept the fact that felony convictions have lifetime consequences.

    I’ve heard the excuse that Chicago has a Citizens Revew Board, and therefore Blomington should too. We aren’t Chicago folks. Chicago also has a Professional Standards Unit ( Internal Affairs) that is far better than it used to be. We have a Police and Fire Commission that is appointed by the Mayor. Perhaps they can be of assistance in further oversite of BPD if need be, but too turn over oversite to members of a politically motivated activist group wth a history of violence is incredibly insane.


  2. My first response was to notify the police because the statement seems threatening. My second thought was to forward any and all comments like that to Jurgens. He can forward it on to the Council.


  3. Tari set the precident for threatening behavior by bulling you Diane. Now he’s supporting others to bully those who they disagree with. What happened to tolerance?


  4. All of King Tari’s minions are on the same page of the same playbook. Citizens are only good for money(taxes) cops are only good to keep Tari safe & any citizen who tries to upset Tari’s kingdom will be punished! Time to show Tari and his minions and court jesters that they work for people. A resistance of citizens is needed to take the community back. Nothing says that King Tari can be recalled. Better yet a passive resistance of not funding King Tari and his court jesters is needed. If you disapprove of the way King Tari and his jesters are handling your monies then maybe the real citizens of Bloomington need to start their own group,. How about Bloomington Lives Matters group made up of real Americans who care about how their city is run? The only way you are going to dethrone the King and his jesters is to match their numbers and let your voices be heard! City council meetings Disconnect transit meetings, court house , anywhere and everywhere ! Clog city hall phone lines, emails & large groups at King Tari’s house. Your voice is louder than theirs & your tax monies are paying for all the misery you are getting in Bloomington.


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