“Creating congestion” is working!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Jim Karch knew.

The Planning Commission knew.

The Council knew.

Putting bike lanes on E Washington was going to create congestion.  All of the above wanted congestion because you drive too fast.

Yes – your government attacked your ability to drive safely because they wanted to.

From a reader:

Don’t know if you’ve seen the changes to East Washington Street by State Farm and OSF, but they are a major screw-up. If you’re going west on Washington right past Veterans it turns from two lanes down to one. That causes traffic Crossing Veterans to slow down and wait for people to merge. And now it’s down to one lane in either direction from the State Farm entrance to Mercer Avenue.  But hey, at least they have a bike lane now.

Isn’t it great when your government knows they are creating stumbling blocks and does it anyway?

Public Servants!

In case you want to see how Bike Blono talked the City of Bloomington into this incompetence, read this:  http://rideillinois.org/successful-advocacy-bloomington/



12 thoughts on ““Creating congestion” is working!

  1. Once Veterans is resurfaced, bike lanes will be included. A paved shoulder was added from Commerce Parkway to Fox Creek Rd/Hamilton Rd. Eventually, bike lanes will cross Veterans at Washington. The reconfiguration of the intersection at Rt. 9 will also most likely include bike lanes.


  2. I travel this daily. It’s nuts. What makes me shake my head is that they did not add a right turn lane (as you head West on Washington at Regency). There’s enough room to do so.
    I’ve seen one bicycle – not in the lanes – on the sidewalk (an adult).


  3. Wonder if they are going to extend the lanes to Portillos? Then the BLO-NO bikes could ride down Veterans Parkway, as it’s legal, and then they could go for world domination after that!!
    Good thing the hospital is CLOSE..


  4. “That causes traffic Crossing Veterans to slow down and wait for people to merge.” Way to go BlowNow and Council. Not only do you create the desired congestion but you do it on one of the most accident prone roadways in the twin cities, Veteran’s Parkway. You people are really stupid! You’re setting people up to be T-boned due to the next fool trying to beat that red-light.


  5. Created congestion around a hospital, what geniuses they are! NOT! So now trying to access the emergency room at the hospital will take longer when minutes, or seconds may save someones life!!!


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