Chambers needs to explain

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’ve contacted the States Attorney’s office several times about public corruption cases.  I recently received this email from one of their interns:

Got that?  Seems pretty clear – the States Attorney’s office doesn’t do investigations!

Now see this Pantagraph story about the tragic deaths yesterday:

Excerpt from the story:

Maybe Jason Chambers just doesn’t investigate Public Corruption.  The first email is from the “Civilian Division”, not criminal.

I wonder if that’s why local governments feel violating the Open Meetings Act and Freedom of Information laws doesn’t really matter.


3 thoughts on “Chambers needs to explain

  1. It is very interesting that their Civil Division intern is responding to and referencing criminal matters. Per his commentary, it is not the role of the States Attorney to initiate investigations. Apparently they can only assist in them. Perhaps they can assist the Illinois State police in reviewing the criminal matters involving the mayor, the soon-to-be former city manager, and the Coliseum.

  2. Must be the reason they have ignored my request. I presented to that office a year ago with all the documentation and proof they needed. I guess I’ll stop waiting. Thing is. I gave my documentation to the police who then forwarded it on. Yup. The police did their job.

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