Hales leaves, nothing will change

By:  Diane Benjamin

The City Manager is the only employee of the City Council.  When David Hales leaves, another guy just like him will magically appear.  The voters elected a progressive left-wing mayor and compliant Council, so citizens shouldn’t expect a sudden lurch to fiscal responsibility.  Your taxes will continue to rise because  the guy who voted “No” didn’t win.

See this email Tari wrote in April 2013:

That email proves Renner controlled Hales and the agenda.

Below is another email from Tari Renner dated 6/16/2013 in response to this story:  https://blnnews.com/2013/06/16/renner-vrs-greenburg/

To understand Tari’s email, you must read the article.  This email is not in response to one I wrote to him:

Since almost every email exchange I had with Tari back then had some ulterior motive, it’s hard to  know what was truth and what wasn’t.  It does explain why legal is now outsourced to Springfield!

Get ready for the big going away party that you will fund.  Get ready for the Council’s slobbering accolades.

The fun stuff comes next as the accusations and blame during the Hales tenure begin to surface.

Everything bad will be his fault, not the Council and mayor who either dreamed up the destruction or were too blind to stop it.




5 thoughts on “Hales leaves, nothing will change

    1. The Bend Oregon files are not legally sealed; they are subject to FOIA rules.
      The public has been told they were sealed; no one questioned it.
      Great tactic.
      Information/evidence, etc, may only be sealed upon court order in a legal proceeding.
      The resignation of David Hales for all intents and purposes was not a legal proceeding simply an agreement with the City Council and is available public information for public review.
      While the information may be refused initially, the appropriate legal action will force the City of Bend to produce the information.
      Don’t believe me?


  1. The Editor is correct – NOTHING WILL CHANGE – only the face.
    The Agenda remains.
    However, Hales’s replacement won’t magically appear. Much like Hales’s emergence on the scene in 2008, a carefully crafted process by others who are not native to Bloomington; who have no interest in Bloomington, per se; who are not local Alderman nor subordinate to them, will decide who the replacement candidate will be. Then will a complacent and ignorant city council rubber stamp their decision.
    Hales will leave behind an uncompleted project – an agenda – he brought with him upon his introduction to our city.
    The need to fill his vacancy with a like personality, a similarly trained tactician and an effective leader of city council followers is a must and high-priority.
    It will be accomplished.
    Who will stop it?
    This Agenda – that was not present prior to Hales’s move to Bloomington, and left unfinished – will continue. Hence, the Editor’s assertion that nothing will change.
    Contrary to much belief and the desire to find a scapegoat, Mayor Renner is NOT in charge. He, too, like the warm council bodies, is subordinate to the Hales Agenda.
    He is a perfect compliment to the Hales strategy.
    The good cop-bad cop role played by both has been a wishful thinking concept for the public.
    Recall Renner’s effort to become Mayor conveniently coincided with Hales’s arrival in Bloomington. It wasn’t just random or chance. It was a plan.
    It has worked well, for everyone but the good citizens of Bloomington.
    Now Hales is being called by a higher power to perform his brilliance in ruining cities and communities for Joliet, Will County and CMAP.
    Renner now requires a new Chief, a new leader, and a new someone to direct the mistaken vision that has been set for Bloomington.
    He will get one.
    In the end, what Bloomington will get is a new someone that will continue to take our city down the wrong path and against the majority of most citizens best interest and provide them with everything they don’t need, and nothing they do..
    In the end, what will WE THE PEOPLE, the Citizens of Bloomington do?


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