Joliet reports while the Pantagraph refuses!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Joliet Herald News was attacked by the City of Joliet for reporting the truth about their new City Manager:  David Hales.

The Herald isn’t cowering in a corner, they are putting the facts in front of the citizens.  They are probably getting a tons of reads, people want real news – they are dishing it up!

This story was posted late last night:  What We Know On New Joliet City Manager David Hales

Please read the article for yourself.  They deserve it.

The Joliet Interim Attorney Chris Regis still thinks Hales should be congratulated for finding the fraud.

Yes, it’s almost impossible for the ruling class to admit they made a mistake.

Real media does still exist, just not in Bloomington-Normal.  WGLT may be attempting it though – keep your eye on them.







  1. Refreshing,.


    • The first time I talked to one of their reporters, I asked him if I could tape the conversation. He didn’t hesitate to agree. I asked the same of a radio personality here – I got a NO, therefore no interview.


      • Covert taping,,,then you can (help yourself) remember exactly what was said a swear by it. No need to admit any taping ever occured.


  2. Dear Pantagraph, I hope you read this article. You see, its not difficult to simply report the truth. That’s all the people really want. The editor of the Joliet paper isn’t a crazy, right wing, troublemaker like Diane (j/k Diane). In fact, looking at some other pieces published by him I’m guessing he actually leans a little to the left. And that’s OK with me as long as he reports the objective truth.


  3. Has anyone noticed that on Friday assistant state’s attorney Adam Ghrist asked that the case be reassigned out of Drazewski’s courtroom because he might be prejudicial against the state?

    Seems to me there’s a story there that someone’s not covering.


  4. Someone said something about an Amazon center deciding between Bloomington and Joliet. Did they hire Hales to ensure Bloomington doesn’t get it and they do. Is that a conflict of interest? Am I making this up?


  5. “I don’t know why anybody would come to Illinois!” Me either, except illegals, deviants, welfare cheats and Communists. This State is a very welcome environment of any of those groups.


  6. debbie jeakins says:

    So nice to see truth in media. Too bad its in Joliet or I’d subscribe to that paper instead of the Pravadgraph !


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