Tari clamps down on Open House

By:  Diane Benjamin

I hope we’ve heard the end of Tari’s pre-public comment speech he’s been using for over 4 years.  His new Open House policy ends the open and transparent Mayor persona.

  • I wonder if the Mayor will close the fish pool doors for those making appointments?
  • I wonder if the public can sit in?
  • When has a citizens who came to talk to the Mayor at an Open House ever not been allowed?
  • If people are waiting for their turn, and Tari doesn’t want to give them time, is he allowed to hide behind the closed fish bowl doors?
  • It took more than 4 years for Tari to decide his Open House needed changed?
  • Is advance sign-up encouraged so Tari formulate talking points?

So many unanswered questions.

No clue what I’m talking about?

Press release today:


20 thoughts on “Tari clamps down on Open House

  1. The change in format will allow Tari to privately berate those who disagree with him instead of his rants being viewed by the public.


  2. Looks like it is all about control. True openness and transparency is not a controlled situation. The Mayor’s and city’s narrative needs to be controlled and shaped continue a reality that is not based on reality.


  3. Well, when Renner first instituted his open house, it was part of Renner’s great plan of transparency. It’s interesting that sometimes “plans” don’t work out so well for you huh, Tari? Plans, plans, plan. Consultants, studies, and more plans, bawahaha. It’s very similar to the bike plans. We’ve got all these bike plans but no one riding in the bike lanes. Another failed plan.


      1. Tell me about… OMG…. you have to have a death wish to ride a bike there… Is it not obvious to anyone with a half a functioning brain that the street it TOO narrow and TOO busy for a bike lane! And we wonder why we employ thieves who steal thousands from the city while our overpaid city manager looks the other way with a Stg.Schultz “I see nothing, I hear nothing” attitude! We have retired Rocket Scientists at the helm of the good ship Bloomington!


      2. The City gets an award for being bike friendly if it has a certain percentage of roads with bike lanes. The lanes don’t have to be used, just present. I kid you not. That is the goal of Bike BloNo. Read the bicycle master plan.


      3. Great clog up busy street and put some fool’s life in danger for an award? What a plan! Where are the Bike Bloomington fools? Why are they not riding up and down on the new path? Too dangerous for them too?


  4. A well educated individual would know an “open house” and “by appointment” are opposites. Renner has an office at City Hall. He can post office hours. Just cancel the open house and save us the bull.

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  5. Ah, c’mon Renner,,,you’ve always had that option to meet with people individually. Think,,,lunch on the Pcard. Nobody believes your bs about this change. As usual Tari, it’s a cover up as usual.


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