UPDATE: The Hales Coliseum coverup

This story is proof the Coliseum audits were NOT clean! David Hales needs to go back and read the audit reports!


This is another story where Hales claims the Coliseum had CLEAN audits:  http://ilnews.org/9870/financial-probe-of-coliseums-former-manager-may-involve-concession-money/

They weren’t clean, concessions were NEVER audited, and Hales refused to protect taxpayer money.


By:  Diane Benjamin

According to this September 12th Pantagraph article, City Manager David Hales claims the Coliseum audits have always received a clean opinion:  http://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/government-and-politics/state-police-city-investigating-coliseum-operations/article_6e1ae325-da35-5573-845a-454e9b4c8031.html

David Hales KNOWS audits are not intended to detect fraud.  Dixon Illinois had “clean” audits, and Rita Crundwell still managed to steal over $50,000,000!

Hales also states the Coliseum was audited every year.   It was – EXCEPT for concessions and catering.  Why was that David? In 2013 and 2014 Concession Sales were over $1,200,000 a year.  That wasn’t worth auditing David?  In 2015 sales dropped to less than $800,000.  Did you bother to find out why?  Please, don’t blame the parking garage problems.  It never held enough vehicles for events, so it’s closure didn’t have had…

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7 thoughts on “UPDATE: The Hales Coliseum coverup

  1. Please tell me you are sending all this to Joliet city council or should we the rest of us do it. That audit finding is sooooo informative. Shows just what a waste of taxpayer money went to support David Hales.


  2. There comes a point when they refuse to own up despite the hard ,evidence or the state refuses to hold these public officials accountable because of god knows what ( we can only speculate) then perhaps maybe the Federal Government needs to step in. These slimey no good arrogant egomaniacs need to go. All of them. Now.


  3. There’s alot of profit in overpriced concession sales, $6 beers that you can buy downtown for $2.50,,,$5 popcorn that you can make at home for next to nothing, $3 candy bars. There is a lot of gross profit there. City manager Hales is a fool not to audit, A FOOL! Then if a guy went to Sam’s Club and brought in his own inventory, whew what a haul he could rip off. Noting how POS systems work there’s alot of infomation to be had without any auditing group being involved. That’s why business owners use them, they help tremendously in cracking down on theft. Hales foolishly let this happen. As a city manager one would think that he had vast experience to thwart such opportunity for theft. Instead all we got were excuses.


  4. Hopefully, between you and Joliet paper maybe Hales will have answers . Problem is here if Joliet changes mind on Hales Tari will take him back.


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