2 Mths of Connect Transit

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last month the Connect Transit Income Statement wasn’t available because they were wrapping up their year-end.

See the report for both months HERE

The ONE month loss for July was $811,295, the August loss was $848,133.



Why is budgeting a TWELVE MILLION Dollar loss okay?

It’s your money!  Maybe we should be able to write it off our taxes as charitable donations.

Connect Transit must be using new software because ridership information is now presented in a different format. This chart on PDF page 28 recaps the daily ridership:
July 2017 is zero because Sunday service hadn’t started yet.






Below is the chart for Connect Mobility:








Issac Thorne was hired as General Manager – $125,000.  See PDF page 33 for details.

More proof government benefits aren’t close to what the private sector provides – PDF page 34:

Connect is buying 10 new buses – PDF Page 42:



One more note included in the packet – PDF page 14

It would have been cheaper to make a deal with Normal since their charging stations don’t get a lot of use.  In yet another failure to think ahead, I bet a bus wouldn’t  fit.  Buses pick up people one floor below.


3 thoughts on “2 Mths of Connect Transit

  1. A picture is WORTH a thousand words! I was waiting on a friend @ the Schnucks in North Normal the other day, and noted TWO charging stations in their lots which had NO users the whole time I was there.


  2. I feel much safer in a private automobile than is a bus that might have some crazy Antifa or BLM or some liberal snowflake kook in it. With Flu season just around the corner why would I want to expose myself to the coughing and sneezing of such communicatable sickness? Then there is those folks that don’t bathe, eeew! Can’t ride a bike, I’m too fat and got bad knees. Why can’t the government just have a bunch of ride share cars all over the place, it would be cheaper? Heck just drive a car somewhere, leave the keys in it for the next person. Get a bunch of old Ford Pinto’s or Chevy Vegas. Economical and no one would steal them. They’d use ’em, and leave ’em just like a crummy old stolen bike.


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