LWV ISN’t non-partisn

By:  Diane Benjamin

If anybody thinks the League of Women Voters is non-partisan,  this will prove they aren’t:

Reproductive Rights means the right to kill babies.

In 1857 the Supreme Court ruled a former slave who had lived in  territories where slavery was prohibited was not entitled to be free.   http://www.findingdulcinea.com/news/on-this-day/March/Supreme-Court-Rules-Against-Dred-Scott.html

That Supreme Court decision was wrong but Roe v Wade  was right?

Over 59,000,000 babies have been murdered.  Does the League know about half of them would now be WOMEN?

Liberty and Justice for All!

Unless your mother doesn’t want you!

Yes, there are Republicans in the League of Women Voters, ones just like Gov Rauner who signed a bill forcing the citizens of Illinois pay to kill babies.

The League of Women Voters also thinks we need more affordable housing, obviously Section 8.  They promote creating government slaves instead of offering opportunity.

The League is also the same group that organizes debates before elections.  That says all you need to know.






3 thoughts on “LWV ISN’t non-partisn

  1. The League of Women voters worked with the father of Propoganda Edward Bernays to manipulate Americans into supporting the creation of the United Nations. To this day the LWV advocates for a “Strong” United Nations and for the full support of the United States for the corrupt UN that is a wasp nest Anti-American Islamists, blood thirsty dictators, and oppressive socialist and communist regimes.
    The LWV advocates for United Nations climate change treaties that are simply programs to transfer American wealth, technology and jobs to other nations.
    They advocate for more rigid gun control laws and receive money from the American hating George Soros. They are wolves in sheets clothing that pretend to be non-partition. However, they live and breathe progressive globalism. Be skeptical of anything they advocate for.

  2. I remember when they hosted the Koos-Tiritilli mayoral debate. They misspelled Marc’s name as Mark on his nameplate which was corrected with a magic marker… real professional! Probably cost him the 7 or 11 lousy votes by which Koos gets to keep raising taxes and doling out subsidies. Thanks LWV

  3. ANY “club” that has such a DEVOUT stance on ANY issue is usually dangerous..
    Look WHAT the W.C.T.U. did for America in the 20th century and WHO got rich off that act..

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