Normal: Making the RICH RICHER

By:  Diane Benjamin

Years ago I heard the developer of the Marriott felt he pulled off a legal robbery of the Town of Normal taxpayers courtesy of the hayseed Council hell-bent on a downtown hotel.

The rich continued to get richer last night courtesy of the Normal Town Council.  Two citizens spoke during public comment.  One an economics teacher, the other the former mayoral candidate who came seriously close to knocking out the current mayor.  When you watch his comments you will wish another 15-20 people would have voted, and voted for Marc Tiritilli.

Some members of the Council launched attacks on Marc.  When the people who just spent well over $1,000,000 just to apply for a Federal Grant to build an underpass when they already had funding for a cheaper overpass, it’s easy to see Marc is right.  I just reported a couple of days ago that EVERY citizens of the country is in debt to the Federal Government for $62,496, but that didn’t keep Normal from wanting to add to the destruction of future generations who will be forced to pay it back.

Normal was an easy mark of the Portillos developer.  Normal is an easy mark for every developer.  Why spend our money when Normal is so desperate for low wage jobs they will rebate taxes?  The documentation given to the Council specified not providing an incentive wouldn’t necessarily stop the project.  The Council choose to hand them money anyway.

It least the Council discussed the rebate for more than 30 seconds like they did when they passed the early retirement buyout at the last meeting.

Hear Ron Ulmer at 3:55

Hear Marc Tiritilli at 6:10

Something that seldom happens did happen last night:

Scott Preston and Kathleen Lorenz voted NO!

Two votes didn’t stop the giveaway, but it’s a start.  At least these two members realize a shopping center in this location doesn’t need money for required maintenance.  I wonder if  Phillips Edison popped the champagne last night for snowing these hayseeds?

RC McBride and Jeff Fritzen proved they aren’t free market capitalists and they aren’t a fan of free speech either.  Their attacks on Marc Tiritilli were an attack on all the people who voted for him.  Fritzen called him a liar without ever using his name. McBride begins around 54:00, Fritzen follows.

Bow plebes, your masters demand you shut up and fork over your money.

Think of it this way:  FIVE members of the Normal Town Council thought this shopping center, with Portillos across the street and high traffic at Panera and Walmart, would sit empty for years without your money.  Yep, I’m sure this huge successful developer group would sit back and pay the property taxes with no income from the empty stores.

This is why the wage disparity keeps growing.  The rich know who to target for your money.  Unfortunately, it’s your government.  The yes votes consider this an investment in the community.  It was one that wasn’t needed any more than the Portillos investment was needed.  Sales Tax receipts will continue to decrease because the Town gives it away.




6 thoughts on “Normal: Making the RICH RICHER

  1. yep ,, I totally agree with every comment in your story and take on the way the council and mayors are in both normal and Bloomington . the only progress I’ve seen happening is the progression of more spending , giveaway s and higher taxes due to the first two actions . either they are blind to all things or have insight they aren’t sharing for being frivolous with money and blatantly ignoring citizens and opposing views . hopefully come election time there will be changes made .

  2. Marc is being vilified by someone who has been on the Council since 1983. He voted to move “Main Street” to Veterans Parkway. He voted to raise taxes multiple times to subsidize the developers of downtown Normal. He doesn’t seem to understand the concept that saying “no” is of value sometimes. Is it possible the Councilman needs to move on to allow for someone with a fresher perspective?

    1. Reckless, irresponsible of you to suggest such a thing and you risk damaging our uptown branding. How dare you suggest such a thing against such a distinguished and experienced Council member who knows more than the rest of us peons.

      By the way, it’s just been announced that last night’s action is going to bring Ross’ Dress for Less to our town. Thanks Normal Town Council. This is sure to be a destination store attracting people from miles around. Can’t wait to shop there.

      The old Gordman’s location is next. Council will have to come in and save the day on that store front as well in their ongoing selection of winners and losers.

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