Wiping the smirk off Renner’s face!

By:  Diane Benjamin

I will get to the rest of the Committee of the Whole meeting later.  For now enjoy the ONLY public comment last night:  Angela Scott – just hit play:





  1. Elizabeth Gruber says:

    Wow. She laid it all out for those council members. That is the issue in black and white. Stop expecting us to support your entertainment when we can’t afford it. Don’t spend money you don’t have. Great job Angela.


  2. This just SHOWS what a pompous jerk that Tari and the rest of the council are! When Angela gets done, he just MOVES ON like nothing has just happened.
    Maybe the REST of the council has inherited his defective gene also. Huh Amelia?
    Hope you and your ilk enjoyed the show-Joan of Arc would admire? you..


  3. She said it very well.


  4. This woman needs to run for a seat on the Bloomington City Council.


    • Nope. My biggest fear in life is becoming a politician and losing my humanity. I wouldn’t mind being a better Christian though.


  5. Great job, Angela! Very well said. Thank you!


  6. Angela did a great job addressing the Council. Renner and pals have a tendency to ignore the realities found here but the message needs to continue to be hammered home.


  7. sticky bean says:

    It’s a reality that this council no longer cares about the interests of citizens they campaign to represent. Who disappoints me the most is Karen Schmidt. She used to care but not anymore. When she worked for U of I, she was caring but ever since accepting a position with IWU she’s become a different person as a council member in the worst way. She gets worse as time goes on. Shame on you Karen.


  8. ….and the gutless shrews of city had no response….


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