Did Hales change personalities?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I thought for a minute somebody had kidnapped David Hales and replaced him with a conservative.  He actually said the Council must lean how to say NO.  He said the City can’t maintain what we have now, but people keep talking about building new things.

Library David?

Aquatics center?  Sports complex?  Public Works?  City Hall?  Bike Lanes?  (I probably forgot some)

David lost me when he talked about the savings realized from raising fees.  I think that’s called more theft David, not savings.  David proclaimed the City lacked the resources to institute and manage all the programs they have.  Easy fix:  Cut, Chop, Delete.

The Council needs an ordinance:  We are not a Full Service City.  If you want government entertainment, move to Normal.

I almost believed Hales cared until he got to pension spiking.  He allowed employees to spike their pensions in the interest of “equity and fairness”.  Those millions you wasted would have come in handy about now David.  It wasn’t “fair” for taxpayers!

Hint:  Those employees still would have gotten paid for their accumulated time, it just wouldn’t have been used to live more lavishly in retirement!  It is still allowed.


Did you know the Equalized Assessed Valuation of your property didn’t increase this year?  I wonder why?  It’s pretty easy, Bloomington’s glory days are in the rear view mirror.  That’s good for people planning to stay in their homes long-term.  Your property taxes will only go up when some unit of government increases their rates instead of making cuts.

Amelia Buragus is terrified that property taxes will be capped.  Oh, horror of horrors – FORCED TO LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS!


The highlight of the meeting was the disgraced mayor taking a shot at Judy Stearns and probably Kevin Lower.  He claimed “past” Councils proposed cuts with no substance.  Of course, that was back in Tari’s spend and steal more money days when the rest of the compliant Council went along with him.  Cutting discussions were not allowed.  I’m sure his attack was in response to Judy’s interview with WJBC last week.  (Feeling Coliseum theft heat Tari?)  Just hit play below to hear his comment.  Refer to this story for Tari’s 2014 written attack on Stearns:




Shortly after Tari’s attack he’s again at the microphone claiming during his time on the County Board they “saved” over a million dollars by doing a fees study and increasing rates.

What is with government claiming raising rates or user fees SAVES money?  Is this what Tari teaches at IWU now?

It’s called increasing the theft – something the County is really good at.  It’s now very expensive to file a lawsuit, all County offices are constantly raising “fees” while claiming the users need to pay for what they use.  Of course, some people will not be able to “use” those services since they can’t afford the bill!

Yes, Bloomington will be raising fees.  It saves money!






7 thoughts on “Did Hales change personalities?

  1. Amelia Badelia seems to think that the public wants cuts, but has no clear areas to cut. She obviously hasn’t read much on this site. People need to email her areas where cuts can be made because she’s obviously fresh out of ideas.

    1. It doesn’t matter if you email her or other Council members. Renner and Hales will twist the facts and the Council will believe them because the Council doesn’t do their research. I do commend Scotty for asking about pension spiking and Haumann asking to include “regular” citizens in the budget process. Renner feels the regular citizens are represented by the Council. Stop laughing!!

  2. I set in on the meeting for 45 minutes last night had to leave could not take any more. Yes I was shocked to hear Hales say the council needs to say no, but what do you expect he is leaving he no longer has to say yes! My question is what is he still doing there coming from corporate America when an employee took a job with another company we let them go immediately they were paid but they were severed from the company how much loyalty and or good decisions are you going to get from an employee that has chosen to leave? Duh!
    As far as real estate taxes I lived in a small 2 bedroom home less than 1100 square feet and I paid almost $300.00 a month in taxes so Amelia how much more do you think I should pay for the priveledge of living in Bloomington?

  3. Rarely am I proud of Cook County. But the forced repeal of the beverage tax due to public pressure was a great day for tax payers. The people of downstate need to learn something from this and put Tari and company on notice.

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