No No No Mr. Fritzen

By:  Diane Benjamin

Trustee Jeff Fritzen went on and on and on and on last night and finally proved he doesn’t know as much about Normal as I do.

He claimed earlier in the video below that the shopping center he handed future tax revenue to is VERY important to Normal.

Maybe he should visit it occasionally.  Jeff, the road connecting the two strip malls has been opened up for a while, I’d think at least a few months.

You never visit this important site?

Obviously not, hit play below to hear him say he hopes the blockage will be cleared.

Time to retire Jeff, you aren’t nearly as smart as you think you are.

(I only titled this No No NO because he used that to scold the people who spoke against giving money)


3 thoughts on “No No No Mr. Fritzen

    1. As much of a detriment to good government as Jeff Fritzen has become (at least in the last 5 years), am surprised that is article has only generated 1 (now 2) comments.


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