UPDATE: Downtown Signage voting

As of 5:15 pm 10/19/17 a WHOOPING 386 people have voted out of 78,000.  Impressive response!


By:  Diane Benjamin

The City of Bloomington has presented the latest versions of signage for downtown.  You can see the new offerings and vote here:  http://www.cityblm.org/government/boards-commissions/downtown-signage-committee/2017-downtown-bloomington-wayfinding

The committee gave up on a logo after their last attempt failed miserably, the three versions now just have directions.

It doesn’t matter the Council just conducted much hand-ringing over budget deficits and long-range severe “structural deficits”.

This is downtown, therefore we must spend money.

It doesn’t matter that Veterans Parkway will never be moved to downtown.

It doesn’t matter that the local bar scene crowd by closing time may find “interesting” things to do to these signs.

Doesn’t the Council understand:

Frivolous spending like this is where “structural deficits” come from?

On August 22, 2016 the Council approved a contract with KMA Design for $62,190.  On September 11, 2017 the Council approved another $10,000 when Dream Big was shot down.  PDF Page 293  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=14583

As of September 11, 2017, the Downtown Signage Committee had met 47 times:  PDF page 286

A whooping 70 residents responded to their last survey.  More have responded to this survey, but “None of the Above” and “Waste of Money” are not in the choices.

The current budget has $250,000 in it for signage, with the additional $10,000 approved for design, that means $240,000 is available for construction and installation.  See PDF page 293 at the link above.

Anybody believe $240,000 will cover the cost?

Is “cute” worth the expense when infrastructure is crumbling?

If you need more proof of government incompetence, this committee has probably now met over 50 times.







16 thoughts on “UPDATE: Downtown Signage voting

  1. Haha. Within 12 hours of Ms. Stiller no longer being on the committee, they resume their core mission.
    The $250,000.00 for signage is part of the money “borrowed” from the employee health account to “balance” this year’s budget. Just a month ago the Council voted in favor of a budget amendment to spend an additional $250,000.00 annually to hire Stiller and her assistant for development of downtown. More spending on pension & benefits. More spending for downtown.


      1. That is why Renner doesn’t want ordinary citizens having input in the budget process. Even Hales said at Monday’s meeting that the citizens want “infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure.”


  2. HOW do I find the pink flamingoes at the zoo? In fact, HOW do I get to the zoo? MILLENIALS need to have direction, so they NEED signs!!
    Maybe we should have signs pointing to the bar specials!!
    WHY in heck do we have to emulate UPTOWN?


    1. Renner believes Bloomington will be or is a”destination” that tourists from around the world want to visit as they travel Rt. 66. Therefore there is a “need” to have signage to direct the 10s of thousand of visitors who come to the visitor’s center at the Museum. Definitely a lack of being in touch with reality.


  3. Place > the Bars
    Image choices, a.) people rolling down a hill. b.) young dude peeing on a potted plant c.) young woman in winter with no coat puking on sidewalk.
    Place > the Coliseum
    Image choices, a.) gladiator armed with sword and shield. b.) country singer with guitar.
    Place > City Hall
    Image choices: a.) a picture of Karl Marx. b.) a picture of a kings crown. c.) $ sign that says, pay here.
    Place > the County Jail
    Image choices: a.) a picture of Renner with his bowtie on and a frownie face behind bars. b.) a picture of Hales in a orange jump suit c.) a collage of both of the above.


  4. Ya’all know those little wooden signs on the West Side? Why not something similar? No consultants needed (that always makes me laugh, these people prolly need a consultant to decide what toilet paper to use in the bathrooms), VERY cheap and easy to make, heavily lacquered or made from sheet metal they would last for years and they are kind of cute as well. But OH NO, not good enough for King Tarry and his elite court of clowns, not for their precious “downtown” it must be expensive and opulent to please their eyes and their exquisite taste – I mean come on, these are people who shell out 400 bucks (of other people’s money of course) for 85 dollar desk chairs.


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