What Tari used to say:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner is a master at campaigning, it’s the governing part the citizens have a problem with.  When he ran for reelection he repeated the same talking points over and over and never varied from the script.  Truth didn’t matter, only the talking points.  The uniformed fell for it.

The first time he ran he did cute videos.  One of them was on transparency.  He used transparency the second time he ran too.  We are still waiting to see it, things like monthly reports are much less transparent than they were when he took office.  It’s almost November and the financial statements from last April still aren’t available.

In hindsight, one of those campaign videos is pretty hilarious.  It’s only about a minute long.  Before it plays, click on the CC button on the bottom right side so you can read his words too.

The video is on transparency:

  • town halls (that don’t happen)
  • open houses (that aren’t so open anymore)
  • putting public documents on the internet to stop FOIA requests (Open Data – never happened)

He even says the documents belong to the citizens.  Try filing a FOIA request and see how long it takes to get your documents.  Transparency is a myth.

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