Why do Democrats HATE Business?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Years ago I attended a MoveOn rally outside the Bloomington Public Library.  I only went to hear what they had to say.  The speaker recognized me, made a few comments, I responded with if anyone wants to talk I’m available.

Several people did.  I found out they despise corporations:  The owners or CEO’s get paid too much and they don’t pay their fair share of taxes.  Simple economics says corporations don’t pay taxes, they build those into the price of their products as an expense just like heat and lights.

I mentioned that corporations provide jobs.  If any of them were phased by such an astonishing statement (ha) they didn’t show it.

If you read this story:  https://blnnews.com/2017/11/13/why-jobs-and-people-leave-illinois/,  you would know that Springfield is full of legislators who are anti-manufacturing.

What party dominates Springfield?

Now consider that Normal Township is holding up approval of the giveaways to Brandt to supposedly bring hundreds of jobs to the area.  The township approval is a minimal part of the giveaway.  So far the other taxing bodies have gone along with the plan the Economic Development Council negotiated.

I think the deal is ridiculous considering the amounts of rebates, but that doesn’t change the facts that everybody else thinks the jobs are worth it.

So what is the Township’s problem?

The last election may explain it:

Democrats took over the township after the April elections.



Elections have consequences.  Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the parties apart.  Sometimes it’s easy.

If you hate corporations vote for Democrats, otherwise don’t.

24 thoughts on “Why do Democrats HATE Business?

  1. That MIGHT explain why Tari teaches at I.W.U. Let me get this straight. He SAYS he’s a Republican, but we ALL KNOW he’s a tax and spend maven, and I.W.U. is a LIBERAL school, which he teaches at. SOMETIME when you go down Emerson street, and one of the students walks up to the stoplight there at I.W.U. JUST WATCH the fun when they push the cross walk bottom! Only about 20% get it right, and the INSTRUCTIONS are right there on the darn pole-and he WANTS millennials to live here, YEP, because they ARE flat lined from the neck up! So that’s what Tari wants-follow AND obey!


  2. It’s complicted. I don’t understand why I would be for tax incentives for this company over Potillo’s or DBA. Help me understand the difference.


      1. Champaign got portillos for free, DBA doesn’t provide any jobs, this deal does provide jobs that pay more than restaurants and retail

        DBA and Portillos were unnecessary redistributing of taxpayer money. Rivian hasn’t done anything but cost Normal money, this deal is still ridiculous to pay big bucks for but at least some jobs will happen


  3. Point of clarification. Our choices in the last election were Sarah Grammar or Cheryl Gaines. I’m as conservative as they come but there was no way in hell I’d ever vote for Cheryl Gaines. Sarah got my vote this time around. She had to be better than Cheryl. So, read into that whatever you want.


      1. Democrats are very poor economists. And I’ll hesitate to call them smart.
        First, how will they get money to tax and spend if corporations don’t produce income? And if there is no income to tax, how will they run the city, state or country?
        CEOs earn too much? Fine. Why not join them? Start your own business and become a CEO, and see how easy it is.
        Lastly, if the Democrats were smart, they’ll at least see that their tax and spend policies have not been working. There is more poverty in the land today than when “the war on poverty” was first begun. Why can’t they try something else other than demonize businesses, tax them into oblivion, only to give freebies to their voters?

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  4. The Township hasn’t rejected the property tax abatement. They want some answers to legitimate questions. The will meet again next week to discuss further. EDC should have asked those questions. The Township’s revenue comes only from property taxes. The job creation is “possibly 300 jobs in 5 years.”


  5. “Simple economics says corporations don’t pay taxes, they build those into the price of their products as an expense just like heat and lights.”

    So if a group of us Farmers formed a Neighborhood Corporation with a Board of Directors, would we also be able to pass on all of our taxes to the consumer, too? Oh wait a moment, I believe that they call that a Co-op, never mind.


    1. Farmers are screwed by government interference and trade deals they can’t control. If you want prices to go up, quit growing ever increasing amounts of beans and corn. Of course, then you would be accused of starving people. Maybe praying for a drought in South America would help.


  6. I give them credit…they are going to ask questions in a public forum.

    It is sad that it has taken 3 democrats to question the “giveaways.”

    Wish republicans would ask more questions and stop the “behind door crony capitalism!”


    1. I wish they weren’t giving away tax money, but Illinois has no choice. Go back to Springfield and the states around us growing jobs. Since Springfield refuses to make the business atmosphere conducive to business, the entire state is penalized with high taxes. The only way to get away from paying businesses to locate here is to change the regulations and tax structure. People living in Illinois, those that don’t leave, will never have opportunities as long as Springfield doesn’t change.


      1. I agree we need change at the state level…but the state has been a straw-man for what is locally reckless spending (tax abatement is another form of selective government spending).

        How many times do local democrats say…”we need to raise local taxes because the state…”

        How many time do local republicans say…”we need to give _______ business your tax money because the state…”

        The results are the same…we pay more taxes and get equal to less service.


  7. What does (or did) Sarah Grammer do to make her living beside being Supervisor of a unit of government that should not exist?


      1. Austin Grammer public employee of Bloomington. That doesn’t make him a public servant. He is the Economuc Development Coordinator. I wouldn’t be surprised if he offered some insight on the subject to his wife.


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