Bloomington is #1! (oops)

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington was recently named the number one City in Illinois for:

The title of the article is:

The Drunkest City in Every State

This isn’t the kids downtown because Champaign has more of them than Bloomington.

Hum, maybe Judy Stearns and Kevin Lower were right to vote against a liquor license for Ovation Cinema.

Don’t worry, government will throw your money at the problem.  Maybe they caused it so they could.  Is this what they mean by “Quality of Life”?  Driving people to drink?



5 thoughts on “Bloomington is #1! (oops)

  1. If you take a look at their methodology they are using county level data and just “assigning” it the name of the largest city. So all of McLean county is to blame 🙂


    1. Yes, when you look at the methologies the conclusions are suspect. There also is a high level of margin of error according to County Health Rankings and Roadmaps. Appleton, WI was named drunkest city in America a year ago and the assertion was panned by a University of Wisconsin professor. Self reporting has its own pit falls because it is difficult to directly verify the results since everyone is anonymous. Not sure this ranking clearly demonstrates an issue.


      1. Yes we will talk about methodology when our lapdog media does another Quality of Life article that parrots the establishment’s talking points and narrative. Oh.. but we have to accept whatever they tell us but question an outside study that clearly shows that there are deep-seated problems here? As the layoffs accelerate and then continue into the future at State Farm and the people inside start to understand what is happening to them and the company there be much more drinking in this town.


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