Last night’s greatest hits:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Angela Scott continues to speak the truth the City doesn’t want to hear.  Note to Chief Heffner:  speaking truth isn’t a physical threat, people noticed.

If you want to know what that last statement means, attend the next Council meeting and observe.

Just hit play below to hear Angela.

Fast forward to 55:50 – Karen Schmidt says the discussion will continue in their “small group” meetings.  I wonder if that’s how 6 members managed to sign two documents?  Yes, from “500 feet” it appears most discussions don’t happen at Council meetings.  The spirit of the Open Meetings Act is usurped because they can.

Next Fast Forward to David Sage’s comments concerning what he proposed for placing items on the agenda – 1:24:50

First you need to see what he and 5 other Alderman signed to get this on the agenda.  It wasn’t the same 6 as the “Dear Tari” letter, Mathy dropped out and Bray joined in:  Agenda Request for Elected Officials and Council Agenda Items


Now listen to Sage,  it sounds nothing like the statement he wrote.  In fact, I have no idea what he is talking about.

If the Council’s intention was to reign in the completely obnoxious mayor, they failed.  At 2:00:30 he starts his mea culpa, by 2:03:04 he launched an attack on Kevin Lower.

It’s only a matter of time before the mayor flips out again.  The Council only has themselves to blame.


5 thoughts on “Last night’s greatest hits:

  1. It’s hard to listen to Ham, Grammer, and the Charlie from the Chamber and not get sick to your stomach for how people getting paid to lead economic development really don’t understand economic development and how to be successful.


    1. I hear you, TJ. There’s a growing movement of business owners fed up with the EDC, Chamber, and elected officials that connect quietly behind-the-scenes to work on private sector-led economic development. We just identify opportunities, connect people, and make intros, ultimately pursuing new local ventures and growth in our very limited spare time. It’s our conclusion that change will never start with the EDC, Chamber, and/or city/town halls. These groups are a net negative and only stand in the way of economic growth and evolution.


      1. If they go too public too soon though they will make themselves targets and the powers that currently be will find ways to make their lives difficult, or costly and no I’m not being paranoid, I know how these people operate. I agree it would be nice if they could, but it will take a lot of courage and no little amount of risk. BUT when they are strong enough, then yes, they can and should gp very public and hopefully make a mockery of the EDC and the Chamber, and the elected “officials”, before elections would be perfect.


      2. Spot on, Ronin. We need to stay in the shadows for now. The EDC, Chamber, and politicians are extremely vindictive and would marshall the media and others to attack us and our businesses for being “negative” or not caring about the community. It’s better to do our thing and ultimately demonstrate that the private sector has the ideas, the capital, and the will to actually get stuff done.


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