Missing: Required Documents!

By:  Diane Benjamin


Seems pretty clear that every elected official MUST file.

Diana Hauman has not filed as a Bloomington Alderman.  She did file as a Township Trustee, a position she wasn’t elected to.  This is what she filed in May of 2017:   http://seionline.mcleancountyil.gov/public/PublicSEI.aspx

Kimberly Bray does not have a statement on file

Mboka Mwilambwe also filed as a Township Trustee, nothing as alderman.

David Sage filed correctly.  So did Amelia Buragas, Karen Schmidt and Scott Black.

Jamie Mathy filed last March as a member of the Cultural District, nothing as alderman:  http://seionline.mcleancountyil.gov/public/PublicSEI.aspx

Joni Painter did not file correctly – nothing as alderman:    http://seionline.mcleancountyil.gov/public/PublicSEI.aspx

In Normal, Chemberly Cummings did not file as Trustee after being elected in April.  All others filed correctly.

The McLean County Clerk’s office does send out reminders.

Look up information for anyone in McLean County required to file here:  http://seionline.mcleancountyil.gov/public/PublicSearch.aspx

What is the penalty for not filing?



Do laws matter?

I haven’t checked all the appointees who are also required to file.

  1. Oaths of office were illegal
  2. They want federal immigration laws ignored
  3. Required forms aren’t filed

Three strikes!


14 thoughts on “Missing: Required Documents!

  1. Sad to see SO MANY small towns that have banners, lights, etc on EVERY pole. DOWNTOWN used to have such a display, and now it’s ?.. And they WANT people to come downtown? They BETTER get their eyes open or they won’t even have a mall to decorate.. And they want to put in bike lanes and a median. What clowns!


  2. NExt time I get a ticket or fine for anything my defense will be that when these aldermen pay their $100 per day late fees, I will pay mine. Equality of justice my astrolobe!


  3. Has there ever been any prosecution on this type of violation of the law ?
    What about Renner ? Koos ? Does this need a police report ?
    They cannot get the oath done right, statement of interests and we are to have any confidence they are capable to enough to do a budget. They have the power and they will not resign. No doubt there is more they have not done in following the most basic parts of running a city. Taking an oath and filing their paperwork. Now, we see why Renner thought his sloppy petitions to be on the ballot would be non big deal.
    I cannot believe this is occurring again and again. Diane you have earned the title of ‘investigative REPORTER”.


    1. The Sheriff’s department would not even take a report when I talked to them about Normal’s illegal Executive Session. Jason Chamber’s office told me they don’t investigate. So, no. Nobody in Illinois with the power to prosecute cares about government crime. That is the reason Illinois is corrupt!


      1. Hey immigrant! If you’re coming here to escape a corrupt government, the joke is on you! Local, state, and federal government here lies to you just as bad or worse than where ya’ all probably come from. You’re leaving your home for more of the same, cause eventually the socialists will run out of other peoples money to give you stuff and then you’ll be worse off than where you came from. After they get your vote for false promises, they’ll multiple their power and you’ll see you’ve been exploited and played for a fool.


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