Chili Cook-off: the pics!

By:  Diane Benjamin

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When I was reading the volumes of emails the City of Bloomington employees sent to each other, I noticed some referred to pictures posted on the City’s intranet.  I FOIA’d the pics.

I received 31, here’s a few of them.  Keep in mind, this is a party they threw for themselves.  It was planned and held during working hours.  It was also not the only party they threw themselves this year.

The party was held at Public Works, it’s obvious why they won.  I believe the departments paid for their own decorations.  I saw a few emails griping about the cost.

10 thoughts on “Chili Cook-off: the pics!

  1. Remember when the picture of the GSA Executive Jeffrey Neely surfaced of him in a hot tub in Las Vegas paid for by us? There was national outrage and legislation introduced to stop this in the future. I don’t see how this is different other than lack of public outrage. Calculate the lost productivity by that many employees for one day. Not to mention time planning and the money spent facilitating this. Total cost has to be over $100,000 if you figure in what all those employees were paid for a day of nothing. Big corporate events like this are usually after hours or on a Saturday.


  2. Well, I’ll say this much, they really went ALL OUT in the presentation and dressing up categories! I’ve seen state BBQ competitions that weren’t this elaborate! It’s just too bad they do it on our dime. MAybe they should make it a public event and make it pay for itself-GOD knows the city can use the money!


  3. Is there any legal exposure when government employees violate copyright/trademark laws? It appears they came up with some of their own logos there. I would doubt they had approval to do so.


  4. Remember they work for themselves, not the tax payers. We are the chumps in this one. we need to vote in representatives that will get a handle on the city operations.


  5. The three dressed up as vampires are a perfect example of government scum-suckers bleeding us dry while they play around while supposed to be working


    1. Actually I think it was Home Sweet Home Mission. That doesn’t give employees the right to spend many hours planning the event then many hours more setting it up and attending. They don’t take tax dollars to party when they are supposed to be working.


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