In my mail! ROADS!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Sometimes I ignore things I receive anonymously, sometimes I don’t.  It all depends on how credible the information sounds.  Sometimes it’s just people wanting me to know they support me.  I really appreciate those!

Cities 92.9 and BlnNews launched a roads campaign yesterday to give you a voice because local governments are ignoring you.   I received this today, the postmark was two days ago.   Whoever sent this didn’t know about the campaign.  Karma?  Coincidence?  People are finally getting mad?

You can report potholes, but the patching methods being used in Bloomington do not last.  The pothole will reappear quickly.


11 thoughts on “In my mail! ROADS!

  1. Obviously the city can’t afford to properly patch the roads when the money is being spent on outrageously expensive junkets to Washington DC and fancy meals that we commoners would have to pay for ourselfs… Right Tari?


  2. Teri and his cronies will look the other way on this huge issue. They only want aquatics, new library, frills to the long gone downtown area. Oh and all the other unneeded items on their agenda. What a mess we are. Booomington is bankrupt now and they just keep going farther in debt.


    1. So, we should just accept shoddy work and irresponsible government and management of our community? We may not be able to change the seasons (same is true for any other city) but we can affect how we respond to and prioritize challenges. City leadership is consumed with disastrous pet projects, expanding the size and reach of government (including in our wallets), and political junkets at the expense of routine maintenance that impacts nearly all residents.


    2. I simply said “it would help” if we didn’t live in the sweet spot for freeze-thaw. Go south where it doesn’t freeze or go north where it stays frozen and the pavement doesn’t suffer as much. Fact.


  3. McLean County and the townships must be doing something wrong by maintaining the roads. Why Bloomington and Normal can’t is beyond me. Wait, I know their priorities are messed up.

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  4. Hey, it’s good job security for the company that receives the lion’s share of the concrete paving/replacement projects here in town and for the owner who is in tight with the ruling class. Oh, and Town of Normal, quit doing your own concrete replacements surrounding sewer inlets. Those done on W. College and Wylie Dr. have failed miserably in less than two years.


  5. There is REALLY NO EXCUSE for the roads here-PERIOD! There are MANY areas in the U.S. that have the SAME conditions as we do. It lies in the fact that WE take the LOWEST bidder (right Mike M?) So we get what the city pays for, and second the city has really NO AGENDA on streets unless they are brick and match the will of “smilin” Amelia. So basically we’re SCREWED. We NEED good MANAGEMENT and a GOOD council to look after US -THE PEOPLE and not some pie in the sky downtown, aquatics, flamingo, bus related issue. WE DO NOT MATTER. They will do as they darned well please. SO in the NEXT election- HOW do you vote???
    S T R E E T S! .. Because basically you CANNOT go to WORK unless you can SAFELY get there, oh my, unless you ride a bicycle. How about it Mr Koos??
    And as for Tari- He’s UNFORGIVEN!
    Maybe that’s JOHNEES plan that we ALL have to do 30 mph on the streets!!!!
    How about that HUGE pothole west of Walgreens on Towanda?? You COULD lose a VW in that bugger!


  6. Not fixing the street is the main issue but if you notice when the crews ARE out there patching they just plop some asphalt in the hole and move on. They don’t even properly patch right. They need to tamp down the patch to compress the asphalt so it dose not move. I’m sure you guys have passed these patch crews and there is asphalt all over the road and your cars from the improper procedure. Doing it wrong seems to be the right way for Tarri and this dysfunctional city.

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  7. Correct DAve! They are actually using what is called “cold mix” and in DOES NEED to be packed down so it wil stay in place for a bit, but even it is not permanent. It’s JUST a quick fix. Just like our council…


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