Millennials don’t want packed downtown

By:  Diane Benjamin

From the not at all conservative Daily Beast:

It turns out young people have the same dreams their parents did:

But millennials, as noted in a new paper from Anne Snyder and Alicia Kurimska, aren’t embracing downward mobility but rather are increasingly creating their own aspirational strategies (PDF). Some are doing this consciously by ignoring the wise planners and establishing homes for themselves in suburban and Sun Belt locales once considered insufficiently hip.

Despite the hype from the press and urban planners, millennials are following in the footsteps of previous generations by locating on the periphery major metropolitan areas and Sun Belt cities, most of which are simply agglomerations of suburbs.
This pattern seems certain to accelerate as millennials enter their thirties, the age when contemporary populations tend to marry, settle down, and have children. To be sure, notes Pew, more 18- to 34-year-olds now live with their parents than with spouses or significant others for the first time since the question was first asked in the 1880s. But when they do leave the nest, albeit later than in previous generations, they are becoming adults whose collective decisions are not so different from those of their parents.
Looks like they don’t want to live downtown after all.

6 thoughts on “Millennials don’t want packed downtown

  1. Agreed. Plenty more studies back up these conclusions, Diane. Importantly, wherever Millenials go, the town or city must have jobs. People follow jobs. We are a net job loser in Bloomington-Normal. This is what our esteemed leaders need to address, rather than cover up.

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  2. This country was founded and constructed on the principles of freedom and liberty. Now the opposite ushered in by rogue goverment entities is the cause of destruction from within.


  3. ALL anyone has to do is OBSERVE their surroundings and SEE who is buying 5 or 10 acre lots in the country, or moving to the “burbs” It’s sure as heck ain’t baby boomers anymore! I see more and more folks in the 30-50 group out in their yards in the country, and NOT among the skyscrapers and crowds…


  4. Downtown cities are dirty, crowded, with congested traffic, and expensive. They are also potentially dangerous. The cities feature gang-infested schools. Just ask any 20-something kid who has spent any time in the gentrified areas of Chicago. Said kids later marry and have families in safer, cheaper, cleaner suburbs. The article is repeating what everyone already knows.

    Regarding Bloomington: what is the draw for living downtown? What advantages does it have compared to living in Heyworth or Gibson City? Downtown Bloomington and the surrounding neighborhoods are not as safe as they once were.

    What are local leaders doing to keep young people from fleeing crooked IL? I have seen nothing so far. Crushing property taxes will force both young and old people to flee. My kids will leave after high school graduation, and I will follow them.

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