UPDATE: Stanford: $20,020

Chief Carter informed me he does not drive this car to work.

By:  Diane Benjamin

In 2001 the Village of Stanford reportedly had over 700 residents.  Stanford is now at 580.

Why does a tiny town need a police chief?  Is crime rampant?  Remember when the Danvers police patrolled and Stanford didn’t have the higher expense of their own police force?

It get worse:


Does Chief Carter get to drive this vehicle to his job in Bloomington? 

The minutes say he can use it for personal use.  If he commutes using this vehicle, the value will decline quickly.  Is he going to get taxed for this personal use?  He should.

A FOIA has been filed for the seller’s name and all related documents.  Public Access has been responding very fast lately.  They will be very interested if Stanford’s lawyer tries to deny my request.


3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Stanford: $20,020

      1. He does work at the farm. Carter also works part time in colfax and Lexington police departments. It’s hard telling where that car is at any given time.


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