Showdown at the OK Council

By:  Diane Benjamin

One item on Monday’ agenda is going to have Scott Black’s panties in a wad:

PDF page 239

The last time this joint project was mentioned Scott threw a hissy fit.  Diana Hauman and Mboka Mwilambe had to remind him people actually live on the east side of town and pay taxes.

Scott doesn’t think any money should be spent unless it’s downtown.  The Master Plan (that was supposed to be suggestions) is now his bible.

Scottie will probably mention The Grove subdivision for the thousandth time.  Funny how we are told we now have to make the best of the Coliseum, but The Grove is still a villain.

The Grove has nothing to do with this project however.  Most of the project is creating a right turn lane from Towanda Barnes onto Ireland Grove.  That would be traffic coming south on Towanda Barnes from Hawthorne Hills 1 and 2, all the Eagle subdivisions, etc etc.

The funny part is:

This discussion is to talk about including this project in next years budget.  Why doesn’t everything in the budget get 20 minutes?  Coliseum?  BCPA?  Roads?  Consultants?  Administration budget?  IT budget?  Communications director?  Returning to Metcom?  Expanding the library while traffic is declining?  Unsustainable union contract pay increases?

Evidently only things Tari and Scott want to kill get 20 minutes.  It will be fun to see who else worships downtown.

Just for fun, I did a very rough estimate of the taxes The Grove residents are paying to Bloomington.  Keep in mind they are still building houses – and selling them.

From the current houses:

Property taxes – at least $325,000 a year

Library taxes – at least $75,000 a year

Township – at least $36,000 a year

If the majority of the council keeps treating them like 2nd class citizens – maybe they will vote to remove themselves from the City, and take that money with them.






16 thoughts on “Showdown at the OK Council

  1. What the blank is wrong with the intersection in the first place? Maybe they need to add bike lanes? Or maybe screw it up like E Washington and OSF?


  2. Scott Black is a poster boy for a con that Illinois Leftists have run for decades. Identify a young, outgoing, ideologically pure “believer”, “pretty him up” a little (or, at least “sanitize him), run him for office and back him to the hilt. Remember Carol Moseley Braun? Remember Barak Obama? And they glammed onto Tari the minute he landed in Bloomington way back in 1998–Communist bona fides firmly in hand. And the voters are suckers.


    1. Maggie, I was with you up until “Communist”. That is a cheap uncalled for attack. You can not explain away calling someone that. I understand your deep feelings, but another way is better. Just sayin.


      1. I agree with Maggie. They are Socialist and have communist ideology. Of course we could pretend and use different words that make other communist feel safe, but I’m not gonna pussy foot around this agenda. Black and Renner are communist…they’ll let us have our bread now, but once their ideology takes root and flourishes people are going to starve. I’ve talked to quite a few people who work at AFNI and had to deal with Black his behavior is like the leaders of Russia or North Korea….both communist countries from what I understand.


      2. I’m with Maggie, those two are communist ideology through and through. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck then it’s probably a duck. That said, I’ve seen enough ducks to just call a duck a duck and get passed that “probably” point.


    2. Yes, that is exactly what they do, I have seen it too, some rebel, or at least do not fall into lock-step, and are then deemed not the right “fit” (they are into right fits) or “a disappointment” and others gleefully get carried along and soon are “one of the cool kids” the in crowd – yes, they have done it for decades, on city, county and state levels.


  3. Funny you should mention the Comprehensive Plan. GIS maps of the City indicate that the NE quadrant of the City—the area where the intersection is located—provides almost all the tax revenue to support the City. Those who live in the Grove are highly paid professionals who have tremendous purchasing power.

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      1. I made two different statements 1. Intersection is in the NE quadrant which generates most of the City’s tax revenue.
        2. Homeowners in the Grove are highly paid professionals with significant purchasing power.
        The Grove generates a fiscal deficit due to the annexation agreement. The area is not fully developed based on the agreement. I believe the Grove development was a bad idea but it is now part of the City and the agreement must be upheld.

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      2. The intersection has little to do with The Grove. Towanda Barnes to Ireland Grove is the route used by the highly paid professionals traveling from Hawthorne Hills to State Farm Corporate South. The intersection has the Pony League field and the CIRA owned Community Field used for soccer on both sides of Ireland Grove—cornfields are on the opposite side of Towanda Barnes. Not too much tax revenue generated from that land use. Also, I believe the expense for the intersection improvement might be shared with the County.


  4. Actually, There is “money” all over the east side. It ‘s just that moony of them don’t whine and complain like some folks who feel the NEED for bike lanes and a new downtown or arena perks, soccer complexes, etc.. MAYBE because they worked their whole life and EARNED it, and didn’t spend it like a bunch of drunken lemurs..


  5. Scott and Tari are so busy pandering to the whiners downtown (who can’t run their own businesses) that they fail to see all the for sale signs around town and the looming economic crisis as a result of State Farm layoffs and outmigration.


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