If you don’t get the paper . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin

Occasionally something is worth reading in the paper, especially what they don’t write.

A Letter to the Editor yesterday is one of those!

The letter was written by Ruth Ann and Guy Fraker.   Guy practiced law in Bloomington and wrote books about Abraham Lincoln.  Ruth Ann was Supervisor of the Bloomington Township and interim director at Westminster Village.

These two aren’t people with opinions that Tari Renner and the Council can ignore.  The only question is:  Where have they been?  Tari’s behavior is only disgraceful when he attacks fellow liberals?



9 thoughts on “If you don’t get the paper . . .

  1. yep and to add i think he and koos are in ka hoots on a few projects they wish to slide into our lap and many are seeing this spree of go big and to hell with responsibilities as a very poor example of taking care of the citicens and the cities .


  2. Perhaps it is the frequency of his poor behavior during the past 6 months which concerns them the most. Perhaps they don’t like Renner’s twisting of the truth when he is interviewed by the media. Perhaps they are members of 2nd Presbyterian Church where Alderwoman Painter is an Elder. As a Township Supervisor, Ruth Ann would have had many interactions with Alderwoman Schmidt and previous mayors.
    I’m just glad others, especially people of stature, are taking notice. Renner can’t turn to FB and start calling them names.

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  3. Maybe people are waking up. It takes awhile sometimes to see the truth. The Tilton’s, who I’m pretty sure Tari referenced in one of his post Council interviews are literally hugging the mayor after at least one meeting. For those of you not paying attention the Tilton’s were behind the City Financing the DBA and now the BCPA Foundation Director. WATCH OUT! Because while your taxes are rising, the mayor is abusing citizens and Council Members, there are still some pretty corrupt individuals still supporting his work…people like Buragas, Black, Hauman, Matejka, Schmidt, and Alex Cardona. Yeah, Tari is the worst messenger ever, but if we kill a bad messenger does it help or hurt the thieves that are stealing from us? Maybe his people are getting upset now because he is ruining their plans with his behavior. BEWARE!


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