Normal’s twice a month fleece

By:  Diane Benjamin

Monday’s meeting:

Yes, Normal is hiring a firm to investigate building a sports complex.  The price is $47,000.  These are the questions the firm will answer:

The answer to #1 will of course be it’s feasible.  Consultants rarely say it’s a horrible idea.

#2 will be a joke because any project that costs you money has a negative economic impact on you – but that’s not taken into account.  Keep in mind, the Coliseum economic impact is a made up number calculated by pretending a set percent of people eat out and another set percent stay all night.  No facts involved.

When local government can’t fix the roads, the project isn’t feasible.

A question that should be asked but won’t:

Why is Normal’s Council not capable of seeing the project is a waste of money without spending $47,000?  Should elected representatives be fired since they can’t make decisions themselves?

The soccer people had YEARS to raise the money and failed.  Failure should be a learning lesson, not rewarded.

Other spending:

Tax rebates:

Miscellaneous interesting payments.  The Normal Theater had to make a good profit showing “All The Queen’s Horses”.   Too bad the City Manager likes to give away it away.

Why did tax money pay for repairs to Koos’s car?  Was the pole involved?  Is this a Town owned car that Koos gets to drive?  Does he pay taxes on this benefit?  So many questions!

City Manager also likes to eat your money:

Chris Koos likes to spend your money too, the US Conference of Mayors is not attended to learn strategies to save money.

What is the Mayors Innovation Project?  Lessons in CONTROL:

Utopia is only billions away, fork it over plebs.






24 thoughts on “Normal’s twice a month fleece

  1. Why isn’t the mayor using Public Transit? Is it inconvient for him? I’m really curious if something is good enough for the Citizens why not him? Also why doesn’t he just rent a bike, like he expects us to do?

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    1. Now now Angela… we are talking about elitists who only want to design the lives of the lower class. They certainly would never want actually have to participate in the world they want to create for us. Its a big club and you and I are not in it… but we do get to pay for their fun, games and parties!

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    2. Why on earth would he rent a bike when he OWNS a bike shop? I’ve seen him on a bike, a brand from his shop, numerous times. If you want to make transit convenient for everyone, tax payers will be expected to contribute more Angela. Is that what you want?


      1. Oh RICH, or Rob, or Mike. Or Dick. I don’t want to pay for the Mayor’s Car. And in answer to your question I don’t want to pay more for public transportation, but I am also not worried about the “political repercussions” like Mike McCurdy, his words, not mine. I’m sure there is a solution but no one is looking for a solution. You can’t raise taxes and steal from the poor if you find a solution…plus if there is a solution we wouldn’t need so many fat cats in government…you know people like you.


    1. Now now Joyce… we only talk buy local – that is for you and me… The Chamber does the same thing…. They talk buy local and then hire a New York photographer and call him “the Google guy”….


    2. Apricot Lane is located in Uptown Normal. Why wouldn’t they buy a gift card from an Uptown Normal business and support their own Uptown? Jeeze…some of the questions here make me wonder about all of you…


    1. Yes, and all year long in any weather like they do in Amsterdam (I have seen the poor miserable looking sods riding stoically in the freezing drizzle, and it’s a sad and pitiful sight indeed) Granted Amsterdam is not subject to the extreme cold and snow/ice that we are, but they have some really yucky days and those poor people still ride those bikes, often their only wheeled form of transport.


  2. More $$$ to the McLean county chamber… more reason not to support members of the chamber. They are a major pillar supporting our towns out of control spending. Need to find a list of members?


  3. The elected officials are making a decision: to hire (or not) experts to help answer the questions. None of them are, or should be expected to be, experts on multi-sports facilities, for crying out loud.


    1. So, we’re going to ask these “expert” consultants who just so happen to manage sports complexes, but no conflict of interest here….no way, just move along!

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