Would you attend a 2A rights rally?

Details will be posted if there is enough interest in attending.

Do your rights matter enough?


16 thoughts on “Would you attend a 2A rights rally?

    1. Ummm….. they are in the process of trying to pass laws that infringe on 2nd amendment rights. You sir are definitely a special kind of stupid!


      1. What is stupid is having to be a witness to your best friend and some close friends get slaughtered by an idiot with a weapon that was designed for the military to hunt two legged animals. Think about this, a young lady was killed and when they counted her wounds, she had been shot 9 times. Wonder what her parents would think of your special kind of stupid comment?


      2. Dawson Lake – nice try using emotion to shame me. You forgot to also call me a racist and a homophobe. The best deterrent to an “idiot with a weapon” as you state, is a “good guy with a gun”…

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  1. count me in even if I have to wheel my grandson in his wheelchair. And just remember these people killed were in No gun zones. Only the criminals had the guns.


  2. I’m leaving for a few days, so I will not answer after this statement.

    Diane Benjamin – editor says:
    February 28, 2018 at 4:37 pm
    Facts matter. An AR wasn’t built for the military. It jut has a handle and shoots what every other gun like it does. The problems was the No Guns Signs and the people who think criminals obey laws.

    You are splitting hairs here. It is this type of weapon that is THE weapon of choice in most slaughters of or children and some of our largest civilians slaughters. Okay does this make those deaths OKAY in your mind? Does what Mr Trump said yesterday about taking guns from suspected possible disqualified gun owners, even before a court hearing, make you concerned?


    1. Does it make it okay in your mind that at Parkland four deputies did not respond as trained to do so in an active shooter situation? It is confirmed that they did not go in to help those kids. They waited outside. Is it okay in your mind that school CCTV was set with a 20 minute delay? Is it okay with you Dawson that first responder EMTs were denied entry by call of a stand down order which would deny immediate attention to students whose life might have been saved had they received quicker medical attention? Is it okay with you that the multiple inconsistencies in the official story vs eye witness claims in this case are consistent with false flag protocol?


  3. Don’t NEED an AR-15 Dawson, let’s go BACK a hundred years, and READ, yes READ, how many shots some of the famous gunslingers in the old west could fire off out of a six shooter, and MANY of them that were that GOOD became the sheriff or a U.S. Marshall.
    Think about it.


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